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Fri 22 Apr 1994

Jobs: German - Spanish, - ANU - Academic English/TESOL

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  1. , one time jobs: German - Spanish
  2. David Nash, Job - ANU - Academic English/TESOL

Message 1: one time jobs: German - Spanish

Date: 18 Apr 94 16:39:00 ES
From: <>
Subject: one time jobs: German - Spanish

I am looking for:

a. a person with a linguistic background and knowledge of German (phonetics);
b. a person with a linguistic background and knowledge of Spanish (phonetics)

for a one time job in these areas. The project will take a couple of hours and
can be entirely done via e-mail.

If you are interested, please contact
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Message 2: Job - ANU - Academic English/TESOL

Date: Fri, 22 Apr 94 13:55:10 ESJob - ANU - Academic English/TESOL
From: David Nash <>
Subject: Job - ANU - Academic English/TESOL

ADVERTISEMENT 968/1994 20.04.94





Applications are sought for a person whose duty will be to teach units
on Academic English for students of non-English speaking background,
and in addition to teach a unit on TESOL. The position will be based
in the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts.

Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant area, e.g. TESOL,
contrastive rhetoric, contrastive learning styles. Experience in
teaching English to non-native speakers is essential, and experience
in teaching English for Academic Purposes at a tertiary level is
highly desirable.

Enquiries: Dr H.J. Koch, Head, Department of Linguistics, telephone
+61-6-2493026, fax +61-6-2493252, email:

Further particulars, which include the selection criteria, are
available from the Secretary, Appointments and Academic Staffing,
+61-6-249 4566. fax +61-6-249 5011. [Appended]

Closing Date: 30 April 1994 Reference: FA 20.4.1

Appointment: The position is available from July 1994 to the end of

Salary: Lecturer: $41,000 - $48,688 p.a.

Applications should be submitted in duplicate to the Secretary, the
Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, quoting reference
number and including curriculum vitae, list of publications and names
of at least three referees. Further information is available from the
Secretary, telephone +61-6-2494566, fax +61-6-2495011.The University
has a "no-smoking" policy in all university buildings and vehicles.


The Department of Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics offers a full undergraduate (including
honours) program in Linguistics. In addition it participates in the
university's graduate program in Linguistics, which offers Graduate
Diplomas in General and Applied Linguistics, a Master of Letters in
Applied Linguistics, Master of Arts (by research only or by coursework
and research), and PhD. The graduate program has some 50 students.
The department hopes to develop a unit in TESOL to be offered from
1994. The ESL lecturer would be expected to participate in the
planning and teaching of such a unit.

The teaching staff and their main research interests are:

Dr Harold Koch : Historical-comparative, Australian
 linguistics, Indo-European
Professor Anna Wierzbicka: Semantics, pragmatics, cross-
 cultural communication
Dr Karl Rensch : Dialectology, Polynesian languages,
 Romance linguistics
Dr Tim Shopen : Syntactic typology, applied linguistics,
 child language acquisition, semantics
Dr Avery Andrews : Syntactic and morphological theory,
 generative grammar
Dr Ulrike Mosel : Grammatical typology, Samoan,
 sociolinguistics, pidgins and creoles
Dr Phil Rose : Phonetics, phonology, tone, Chinese
Dr Cynthia Allen : Historical linguistics, English syntax
Professor R.M.W. Dixon : Australian descriptive and
 comparative linguistics, syntactic typology, English
 syntax, Fijian, Amazonian languages
Dr Anthony Liddicoat : Applied Linguistics, Discourse
 analysis, Language policy, bilingualism, French

The Department includes further research-only staff working on
Australian Aboriginal languages.

The Department belongs to the Faculty of Arts, where the following
languages are taught: French, Italian, German, Russian, Latin, Greek.
The Department is also associated with the Faculty of Asian Studies,
which teaches Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian and Malay,
Vietnamese, Thai, Sanskrit, Hindi and Arabic. The University has
strong departments of Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology and
Philosophy. A sister Department of Linguistics in the University's
Research School of Pacific Studies has a staff of four academics, who
pursue research on Pacific languages. Applied Linguistics programs
exist in the Asian Studies Faculty (especially for Japanese). The
university is in the process of expanding its graduate programs in
applied linguistics, drawing on expertise form the departments of
Linguistics and Modern European Languages and the Faculty of Asian

The Faculties

The Australian National University has five teaching faculties: Arts,
Asian Studies, Science, Economics and Commerce, and Law. The Arts
Faculty is organised into 12 departments and offers undergraduate and
postgraduate degrees with specialisation in traditional disciplines
and a variety of cross-disciplinary fields.


1. A qualification in TESOL ESSENTIAL

2. Experience in teaching in a tertiary ESSENTIAL

3. Ability to communicate effectively ESSENTIAL
 with students

4. Research achievements in relevant ESSENTIAL
 areas, e.g. EAP, contrastive
 rhetoric, contrastive learning

5. Experience in teaching English for HIGHLY DESIRABLE
 Academic Purposes

6. A higher degree in relevant areas, HIGHLY DESIRABLE
 preferably a PhD

7. Training in general linguistics DESIRABLE

8. Competence in a language other than DESIRABLE
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