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Mon 25 Apr 1994

Sum: This & that

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Message 1: summary-this&that

Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 18:06:24 -0500 (CDT)
From: shetzer heidi <>
Subject: summary-this&that

A couple weeks ago I posted a query asking for references concerning the
deictics, "this" and "that." Here is a summary of responses. Thanks to all
who responded.

Heidi Shetzer
Division of English as an International Language
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3070 Foreign Languages Building
707 S. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

Joachim Knuf ( passed along conference info:

The First International Colloquium on Deixis
December 2-4, 1994
College of Communications and Information Studies
University of Kentucky
submission deadline May 30, 1994

email listserv for conference has been set up: "if your local host does
not support the Rtells command, mail the message Rsub deixis firstname
lastnames to listservukcc.uky,edu to receive conference mailings"
references/other responses--no particular order:

Webber, B. ( May 1991) "Structure and Ostension in the Interpretation of
Discourse Deixis." Natural Language and Cognitive Processes 6(2),107-135.
(This/That in a comp. linguistics framework)

Di Eugenio, B. (1989) "Clausal reference in {I}talian" Proceedings Penn
Linguistics Colloquium.

Ariel, M. (1990) Accessing NP Antecedents. Routledge.
(discusses this/that, and mentions other works)

Garcia, E.C. (year?) "A Psycho-linguistic Crossroads: Frequency of Use."
Journal of Semantics 7, 301-319.
(Henny Klein notes: "he/she argues that the choice for
a linguistic expression is related to the cognitive category it belongs

Lackoff, R. (1974). Remarks on "this" and "that". In M.W. Lagaly, R. A.
Fox, and A. Bruck (eds.), Papers from the Regional Meetings, Chicago
Linguistic Society. 345-356. Chicago, Chicago Linguistic Society.

Maclaran, R. (1980). On two asymmetrical uses of the demonstrative
determiners in English. Linguistics, 18 (9-10), 803-820.

Johannes Heinecke ( recommends:
B"uhler, Karl. (1934-2nd printing 1965) "Sprachtheorie" In German.
Heinecke notes,"B"uhler tries to figure out a "origo" of all deictics..."
works by K. Heger (mainly written in German) from the 60s and
70s--these "concentrate on the underlying nature of deictics"

Strauss, S. (1993) paper on "this", "that", and "it", in the
proceedings from the annual conferences, Chicago Linguistic Society No. 29.
longer version--MA Thesis from the Dept of Applied Linguistics, UCLA.

Romary, Laurent ( , part of a team interested in
man-machine dialog, has "written a short paper on [the French] "ici",
emphasizing the fact that it initiates a paving structure
of space which is then possibly re-activated by a word like "l'" [Title
unknown, in French].
Romary has also written a paper which appeared in the French Journal
"Languages"--presented at a workshop on Time, Space and Movement. Paper
explains the teams methodology concerning referring expressions.[title

Additionally David Lee ( notes that Jenny
Cheshire at Neuchatel, Switzerland is working on a manuscript on the
socio-aspects of "that" (

Finally, David Denison ( posed an interesting question:

"Why, when responding to an unfamiliar voice on the phone, do Americans
typically say 'who is this?', British people [always?] 'who is that?'"

any takers?

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