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Wed 27 Apr 1994

FYI: Basque, ICLA membership, SCHOLAR has been WAISindexed

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  1. Johannes Heinecke, Re: Basque
  2. , ICLA membership
  3. Joseph Raben, SCHOLAR has been WAISindexed

Message 1: Re: Basque

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 13:50:19 +0Re: Basque
From: Johannes Heinecke <>
Subject: Re: Basque

I have comme across three grammars of Basque I'd like to mention.

A rather good and short grammar of Basque is the
"Gramatica Elemental Vasca" by Michel Sag\"u\'es. Its fourth
edition was published in 1987, but I have seen a fifth edition
(All appeared with Editorial Txertoa in Donostia/San Sebasti\'an)
This book is written in Spanish.

For the northern (in France) variety of Basque there is the older
Grammar, written in french by Pierre Lafitte, Grammaire Basque, Bayonne
1962. In my opinion this book is less easy to get through, espacially
if you do not know anything about Basque yet

And there is (in English) a book I by Mario Saltarelli, Basque,
Croom Helm 1988

Johannes Heinecke <>
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Message 2: ICLA membership

Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 14:27:57 ICLA membership
From: <>
Subject: ICLA membership

As secretary of ICLA, I would like to inform former and pros-
pective members that I am updating the mailing list for the

I would appreciate it very much if members who have not res-
ponded to our circular yet would let me know as soon as possi-
ble whether they want to continue their membership or not.

Also anyone who would like to have information about an ICLA
membership is welcome to send me a message by e-mail or snail

Marjolijn Verspoor
ICLA Secretary
English Department
University of Groningen
Postbus 716
9700AS Groningen
The Netherlands

Fax: + 31 50 63 58 21
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Message 3: SCHOLAR has been WAISindexed

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 94 21:07:23 EDSCHOLAR has been WAISindexed
Subject: SCHOLAR has been WAISindexed

 P L E A S E P O S T

 SCHOLAR has been WAISindexed

Thanks to the efforts of Peter Batke at Johns Hopkins
University, it is now possible to do a full-text search
of the entire SCHOLAR database, which contains a large
variety of information relating to natural language
processing: book and journal abstracts, notes on hard-
ware, software and databases, and similar items of val-
ue to researchers and instructors.

To access this information,

 gopher to <>
 select miscellaneous
 select SCHOLAR
 select search

The search terms can be single words ("French"), phras-
es ("machine translation," which will return either
term), or boolean combinations (with and, or, or not).

Registered subscribers to SCHOLAR sending requests from
their registered addresses may then download items by
sending requests to <> as fol-
lows: get xxxxx xx .

If not already subscribed, send a request to <listserv> as follows: sub scholar Firstname
Lastname .

Problems should be addressed to Lusi Altman <lnaqc>. Comments and suggestions regarding this
index should be sent to Peter Batke <L64a3779jhuvm.bitnet>.
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