LINGUIST List 5.49

Fri 14 Jan 1994

FYI: Dependency grammar list, LSA format for Tex/Bibtex

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  1. Michael Covington, Dependency grammar mailing list
  2. Daniel S. Jurafsky, FYI: LSA format for Tex/Bibtex

Message 1: Dependency grammar mailing list

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 1994 23:47:59 Dependency grammar mailing list
From: Michael Covington <>
Subject: Dependency grammar mailing list

The Dependency Grammar (DG) mailing list has undergone one minor
improvement for 1994: "DG:" is added to the subject line of every
message. That makes it easy to recognize DG messages in your incoming
mail. Someone (I forget who) at the LSA convention last week asked me
to add this feature, and it has now been done.

This mailing list is for discussion of dependency grammar and related
subjects. To subscribe, email
< Michael A. Covington, Assc Rsch Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Programs >
< The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30606-7415 USA >
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Message 2: FYI: LSA format for Tex/Bibtex

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 94 20:40:07 PSTFYI: LSA format for Tex/Bibtex
From: Daniel S. Jurafsky <jurafskyICSI.Berkeley.EDU>
Subject: FYI: LSA format for Tex/Bibtex

Those linguists who use TeX/Bibtex may be
interested in the `lsalike' style file for bibtex,
which implements an bibliography format which
is very close to the LSA style sheet and
resembles the journal Language.

It is ftp-able from

in the files


The .sty and .bst files must be used together.
Comments and bug-reports are welcome, although
I don't promise to fix them.

Daniel Jurafsky
International Computer Science Department
Department of Linguistics
UC Berkeley
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