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Fri 29 Apr 1994

Confs: FLSM 5 pre-registration, 3rd Annual Workshop Slavic Ling

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  1. FLSM 5, reminder of FLSM 5 pre-registration deadline
  2. , conference on slavic syntax--announcement

Message 1: reminder of FLSM 5 pre-registration deadline

Date: Fri, 29 Apr 1994 00:43:43 reminder of FLSM 5 pre-registration deadline
From: FLSM 5 <>
Subject: reminder of FLSM 5 pre-registration deadline

 *** FLSM 5 Pre-Registration Reminder ***

Pre-registration for the fifth Formal Linguistics Conference of
Mid-America is due by April 30. But we'll take registration
datemarked by Monday, May 2. Fees are as follows:

 student $10
 non-student $15

After this date (including at the conference), fees are:

 student $15
 non-student $20

Checks can be made to: University of Illinois.

If anyone who expected a registration package still has not
received one, please contact us. This registration was mailed to
all who submitted abstracts, to all reviewers and every
department in the country involved in some sort of linguistics.
All packages were mailed together about three weeks ago, but
there have been some inexplicable snags (some rather long!) in the
university-internal mail system before the packages reached the
US Post Office.

address: FLSM 5, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Illinois, 4088 Foreign
 Languages Building, 707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL 61801
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Message 2: conference on slavic syntax--announcement

Date: Thu, 28 Apr 94 18:06:56 EDconference on slavic syntax--announcement
From: <>
Subject: conference on slavic syntax--announcement

 The 3rd Annual Workshop
 Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics
 will be held at the
 University of Maryland at College Park, May 14-15, 1994

For details and pre-registration contact :
David Lightfoot
Department of Linguistics,
Marie Mount Hall 1401
University of Maryland,
College Park, MD 20742
e-mail: dwlumdd.bitnet
College Park is served by three airports: Washington
National, Washington Dulles and Baltimore-Washington
International. Washington National is connected to
College Park by metro
(College Park is on the green line) and there is a shuttle
service from Baltimore-Washington International.
For those coming by car: from the north, come down I-95
from Baltimore. As I-95 joins I-495 (the infamous
Washington Belt-way), follow signs to Route 1 and College
Park. The University is 2.2 miles inside the Beltway on the
righthand side of Route 1. From the south, come up I-95,
round the Beltway, to Exit 25B. Go 2.2 miles south on Route
1 to College Park.
We have reserved a block of rooms at the Quality Inn at a
special price of $44 for a single room and $49 for a double.
The motel is on Route 1, about half a mile south of the main
entrance to the campus. The address is 7200 Baltimore
Boulevard, College Park, MD 20740; phone 301-864-5820.
Reservations should be made by
May 3, 1994; tell them that you will be attending FASL. The
motel is a 5 minute walk from Marie Mount Hall, where the
meeting will be held. There will also be a limited amount
of crash space for students; if interested, contact Lee
Slack at or 301-405-4936.
FASL 3 - Program
Saturday, May 14, 1994 Q Maryland Room
8:30 Coffee and registration
9-9:10 Opening remarks
9:10 Loren Billings (Princeton U) & Catherine Rudin
(Wayne State Coll.): Optimality and Superiority:
A new approach to multiple wh-ordering
9:50 Natalia Kondrashova (Cornell U): The Russian copula:
 A unified approach
10:50 Zvjezdana Vrzic (New York): Categorial status
 of the Serbo-Croatian "modal" da.
1:30 Carson T. Schutze (MIT): Serbo-Croatian clitic
 placement: An argument for prosodic movement
12:10 Tracy Holloway King (Indiana U): Structuring
 negation in Slavic
Afternoon Session Q Room 1400
2:00 Yuki Takatori (Yale U): Havlik's Law and phonological
2:40 Giuliana Giusti (U of Venice) & Mila Dimitrova-
 Vulchanova (U of Trondheim & U of Venice):
 Functional and lexical determiners in Bulgarian
3:30 Zeljko BoSkovic (University of Connecticut):
 V-Movement in Serbo-Croatian and related issues
4:10 John F. Bailyn (Cornell U): Short Verb Movement in
 Ian Roberts (University of Wales)
 Second position clitics

Saturday, May 15, 1994 Q Room 1400
Morning Session
8:30 Steven Franks & Martina Lindseth (Indiana U):
 Expletive Types and Slavic Clause Structure
 9:10 Hana Filip (University of California at Berkeley):
 Integrating telicity, aspect and NP semantics:
 the role of thematic structure
9:50 Tracy Holloway King and Michael Yadroff (Indiana U):
 SpecAspP and Case Assignment
10:40 Lily Grozeva (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen):
 A Minimalist view on binding in Bulgarian
1:20 Cynthia Vakareliyska (Georgetown U):
 Evidence from aphasia for a deep-structure
 subject slot in Bulgarian null-subject sentences
12:00 Roumyana Slabakova (McGill University):
 Bulgarian psych-verbs
Afternoon Session
2:00 Christopher J. Pinon (Stanford U):
 Paths and imperfective verbs of motion in Polish
2:40 George Fowler (Indiana U): An articulated theory
 of aspect and prefixation in Slavic
3:30 Gilbert C. Rappaport (U of Texas at Austin)
 Animacy effects in Russian inflectional morphology
4:10 Leonard H. Babby (Princeton U):
 Inflectional morphology and theta role supression
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