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Sum: IPA for IBM, P.U.

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Message 1: IPA for IBM follow up

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 1994 11:45:48 IPA for IBM follow up
Subject: IPA for IBM follow up

 Many thanks to all of you who responded to my recent querry about IPA
fonts for my IBM, Windows based word processing. Forgive me for not listing
all the individuals who responded (there were no fewer than 38 of you). I have
been presented with several interesting options which I will outline for you
here. They range in price from free to about $100. A starving graduate
student myself I will opt for one of the cheaper ones.
 The most comprehensive response was a copy of an old listing to the
List from 16 May, 1993. Chen Shu-Fen provided a summary of an inquiry similar
to my own. I will not reproduce that listing here, but I recommend it to any
of you who are still searching for a font.

 Here are the other sources that I am newly aware of:

(1) SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) has several versions of an IPA font
for both Mac and IBM users. Their cost is about $7 and their address is:
 Font DEvelopment
 SIL Printing Arts Department
 7500 West Camp Wisdom Rd.
 Dallas, TX 75236
 phone: (214) 709-2420

(2) University of Michigan Archives under the directory
 linguistics archive\fonts\dos\windows\
This is one of the free options.

(3) University of Indiana Archives. I accidentally deleted the message with
the directions for this archive, but I think it was similar to the UMich one.

(4) Several people out there are developing/have developed their own fonts:
(a) Johnathan Kaye was in the process of developing an IPA font (he is probably
done with it by now) and offered to send a copy when its done. If you wish to
contact him his e-mail address is:

(b) Dave Odden is also developing his own IPA font. His address is:

(c) Tim Montler is also developing his own IPA font. His address is:

(5) There is another organization to contact. This was a relatively
inexpensive option as well:
 Ecological Linguistics
 P.O. Box 15156
 Washington D.C. 20003

(6) Several more expensive commercial options which are outlined in Chen
Shu-Fen's listing.

 Well, that's what I found. I hope this is helpful to those of you who
feel as stranded as I did. Thanks again to everyone who was kind enough
to share information with me.

 Gene Vachon
 University of New Hampshire
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Message 2: UP TO HERE, P.U.!

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 1994 16:34:39 UP TO HERE, P.U.!
From: AHARRIS - Alan Harris <VCSPC005VAX.CSUN.EDU>
Subject: UP TO HERE, P.U.!



The origins of the initialism are probably in English "phew," "poo," or, even,
"faugh" (1542, acc. to the OED). These are all related to other languages in
that they seem to resemble a natural human linguistic tendency to utter
somewhat similar groupings of sounds to express the similiar sentiment of
"ugly, noxious, shocking, smelly, odious," etc. The orthographic
"abbreviation" is probably American in origin, maybe as early as the late
'20's or early '30's. It is a folk etymological pseudo-initialism in that
there is no value behind the P or the U; rather, they are attempts at
mirroring the emphatic pronunciations of "phew" [pi-yu, +length]. In similar
fashion we get "fooey" or "phooey." That seems to be all it wrote, folks. . .
 It was at least an interesting little exercise into a bit of socio/bio
linguistic Americana!


Alan C. Harris, Ph. D. telno: off:
Professor, Communication/Linguistics 818-885-2853/2874
Speech Communication Department hm:
California State University, Northridge 818-780-8872
SPCH CSUN fax: 818-885-2663
Northridge, CA 91330-8257

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