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Sat 30 Apr 1994

Books: Syntax, Literacy

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  1. I, Syntax, Literacy

Message 1: Syntax, Literacy

Date: Sat 30 Apr 1994
From: I <>
Subject: Syntax, Literacy


Dechaine, Rose-Marie. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Predicates
 Across Categories: Towards a Category-Neutral Syntax, Pb.
 xviii + 548 pp. Ph.D. diss., 1993. $16 + S/H. Graduate
 Linguistics Student Association (GLSA), University of
 Massachusetts, Amherst.
 This work attempts a principled and coherent account of the
 Aristotelian sentence within modern generative grammar. Predication
 is understood as a licensing relation, and a category-neutral theory
 of predication is proposed, with consequences for two domains of
 grammar: 'inside' and 'outside' the predicate. For further
 information, contact

"BARE PHRASE STRUCTURE" by Noam Chomsky. April 1994. MIT Occasional Papers
 in Linguistics #5. 51pp. Available from MITWPL, 20D-219, MIT,
 Cambridge, Mass., 02139, USA. e-mail:
 Price $3 + shipping (slow $1 in US, elsewhere $1.50; Airmail/1st
 Class $2 in US, N.America $3, Europe $4, Asia/Africa $5). *Prepayment*
 in US $$ drawn on US bank required. Sorry, NO CREDIT CARDS.
The minimal-er program. Contents: 1. Leading ideas in the study of language;
2. The Minimalist Program; 3. The Computational System; 4. Phrase Markers in
a Minimalist Program; 5. Properties of the Transformational Component;
6. Order; 7. Some residual problems.


Ellsworth, Nancy (Fordham University) Hedley, Carolyn (Fordham University),
Baratta, Anthony (Fordham University); LITERACY: A REDEFINITION;
0-8058-1454-X [cloth] $69.95; 0-8058-1455-8 [paper] $32.50; approx. 312pp.
The concepts of the past, centered on traditional ways of learning to read
and write, no longer suffice in a society that requires higher level skills.
This volume offers a revitalized perspective of literacy, focusing on the
forms that literacy will take in the future, the influence of changing
technologies and multimedia on curriculum and instructional practices, and
on effective learning environments.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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