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Tue 03 May 1994

TOC: Reading and Writing

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B. A. Blachman, E. W. Ball, R. S. Black and D. M. Tangel /
 Kindergarten teachers develop phoneme awareness in low-income,
 inner-city classrooms: Does it make a difference?
D. L. Mahony / Using sensitivity to word structure to explain
 variance in high school and college level reading ability
N. A. Badian / Do dyslexic and other poor readers differ in
 reading-related cognitive skills?
B. R. Foorman and D. J. Francis / Exploring connections among
 reading, spelling, and phonemic segmentation during first grade
M. Alarcon, J. C. Defries and J. J. Gillis / Familial
 resemblance for measures of reading performance in families of
 reading-disabled and control twins
V. W. Berninger, A. C. Cartwright, C. M. Yates, H. L. Swanson and R. W.
 Abbott / Developmental skills related to writing and reading
 acquisition in the intermediate grades: Shared and unique functional
B. Maughan, A. Hagell, M. Rutter and W. Yule / Poor readers in
 secondary school
P. T. Sowden and J. Stevenson / Beginning reading strategies
 in children experiencing contrasting teaching methods
F. E. Tonnessen, T. Hoein, I. Lundberg and J. P. Larsen / Immune
 disorders and dyslexia: A study of asthmatic children and
 their families
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