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Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology
Table of Contents, Volume 64, No. 4 (December 1993)
Ho Dah-an Linguistic Layers of the Wu dialect during the
 Six Dynasties Period (in Chinese)
Chang Kun The pronunciations of the hsieh group rimes
 in the Min dialects (in Chinese)
Paul Jen-kuei Li The ritual songs of PaSta?ay in Saisiyat
 revisited (in Chinese)
Gong Hwang-cherng Phonological alternations and derivational
 morphology in Tangut (in Chinese)
Elizabeth Zeitoun A semantic study of Tsou case markers
Li Hsiao-ting The role of oracle bone characters in the development
 of Chinese characters (in Chinese)
Tsai Che-mao A new look at the character _sheng_ in oracle
 bone inscriptions (in Chinese)
Chen Chao-jung The dating of the Ch'in-kung-kuei (in Chinese)
Publications Committee
Institute of History and Philology
Academia Sinica
Taipei 11529 TAIWAN ROC
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