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Thu 19 May 1994

Books: Ogden, Syntax

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This 5-volume set (2100 pages) is a collection of C. K. Ogden's writings
ranging over semantics, semiotics, psychology of language, lexicography,
prosody, and Ogden's contribution to universal language--the 850-word
system of Basic English. The set spans 1911 to 1952 and includes a critical
edition of The Meaning of Meaning and a previously unpublished manuscript.
The final volume is devoted to critical reaction, commentaries, and sequels
to Ogden's writings from Bertrand Russell (1923) to John Paul Russo (1989).
Published by Routledge/Thoemmes, the set is available in North America from
Halifax Panopticon Publishing. For further information or to receive a full
page flyer, send a message to WTGORDONAC.DAL.CA
David Adger (1994) "Functional Categories and Interpretation" PhD Diss;
available from Centre for Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, Scotland. for hardcopy and for anonymous ftp instructions.
This thesis argues that the functional head Agr has semantic motivation in
that it affects the felicty conditions on the DP in its Spec at LF. Cross-
linguistic variation in this area derives from general global economy
constraints. This view requires a theory of quantification which
integrates DRT and a revised Minimalist syntax and has implications for the
analysis of measure phrases. The thesis also presents detailed analyses
of agreement, tense and aspect in Scottish Gaelic.
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