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Sat 21 May 1994


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  1. Joseph Raben, Release CW of SCHOLAR

Message 1: Release CW of SCHOLAR

Date: Fri, 20 May 94 15:59:29 EDRelease CW of SCHOLAR
Subject: Release CW of SCHOLAR

 P L E A S E P O S T

Release CW of SCHOLAR: Natural Language Processing Online
will be distributed shortly to registered subscribers. If
not subscribed, send email to <>
as follows: sub scholar Firstname Lastname .

This release contains the following items:

A notice that SCHOLAR has been WAISindexed so that its
entire contents of the database can be searched on any
combination of boolean terms.

A book sumary of Arnold Trehub, _The Cognitive Brain_
(contents pages, abstract and index)

A book summary of Myron C. Tuman, _Literacy in the Com-
puter Age_ (contents pages and abstract)

A book summary of _Literacy Online: The Promise (and Peril
of Reading and Writing with Computers_, ed. Myron C. Tuman
(contents pages and abstract)

A book summary of Donna Lee Berg, _A Guide to the Oxford
English Dictionary (contents pages and abstract)

A book summary of John R. Searle, _The Rediscovery of the
Mind_ (contents pages, abstract and index)

A book summary of Eugene Charniak, _Statistical Language
Learning_ (contents pages and abstract)

A book summary of Peter Robinson, _The Digitalization of
Primary Textual Sources_ (contents pages and abstract)

A book summary of _Electronic Information Resources and
Historians: A European Perspective_, ed. Manfred Thaller
(contents pages)

A book summary of Peter Kahle, _Working with Foreign Lan-
guages and Characters in WordPerfect (contents pages, ab-
stract and index)

A book summary of _Survey of Computational Lingistics

_Computational Linguistics_, vol. 20 no. 1 (contents pages
and abstracts)

A notice of the SUSANNE Corpus of American English

A notice of the Computational Language Electronic Preprint

A notice of library gophers in the United Kingdom

A global calendar of meetings and workshops in North America,
Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa

A notice of funding guidelines for the Annenberg/CPB Higher
Education Program.

A notice that Russian computer scientists are seeking work in
hypertext and related applications.

A notice of free concordance programs.

A notice that the _Oxford Dictionary of Familiar Quotations_,
the _Oxford Thesaurus_ and _Webster's Dictionary_ can be
reached by telnet.
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