LINGUIST List 5.61

Tue 18 Jan 1994

Qs: Phonological reconstruction, Negation, Word prediction

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  1. MARC PICARD, Phonological reconstruction
  2. "Raphael Salkie, Brighton University, UKRMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK, Negation in French and English
  3. Nestor Garay, Syntactic word-prediction.

Message 1: Phonological reconstruction

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 10:51:14 Phonological reconstruction
From: MARC PICARD <PICARDVax2.Concordia.CA>
Subject: Phonological reconstruction

Most reconstructed proto-segments are identical to a segment that appears
in one or more of the daughter languages. Once in a while something else
is chosen for some reason or other. I know of a few cases but I would
like to have more from as many language families as possible. If you know
of any, please let me know.

Marc Picard
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Message 2: Negation in French and English

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 13:09 GMT
From: "Raphael Salkie, Brighton University, UKRMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK <RMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
Subject: Negation in French and English

Can anyone point me to studies that contrast negation in French and English?
I'm particularly interested in text-based work which looks at cases where one
language uses a negative expression but the other language does not. But
anything on negation in these two languages would be helpful.

The only contrastive study I have come across so far is:

S. Pons-Ridler & G. Quillard, Quelques aspects de la nigation: comparaison de
l'anglais et du frangais. Canadian Modern Language Review 47.2, January 1991.

Other journals aimed at language teachers (e.g. Les Langues Modernes) might
have pieces on negation.

I would be very grateful for any help, and I'll publicise any good material in
the list.

A luta continua.

Raf Salkie

Raphael Salkie,
The Language Centre,
University of Brighton,
Falmer, Brighton,
BN1 9PH.
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Message 3: Syntactic word-prediction.

Date: 17 Jan 94 18:41 +0100
From: Nestor Garay <>
Subject: Syntactic word-prediction.


We are a research group of the Basque Country University which is interested
in Aids for People with Special Needs.

One of the projects that we are involved in is word-prediction, to enhance the
keyboard input speed. At the moment, we are researching word-prediction using
syntactical information. We have actually done the study for Spanish and we
are going to start the study for English.

The problem is that we need an English corpus where the words were syntactically
categorised. If there is someone that can help us to find it, please contact us
in the following E-mail address:

Thank you very much.
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