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Mon 06 Jun 1994

FYI: Journal of Translation & Interpreting, ConSole I Proceeding

Editor for this issue: <>


  1. Mona Baker - Visitor,
  2. RENE MULDER, ConSole I Proceedings

Message 1:

Date: Thu, 2 Jun 94 13:09:30 BST
From: Mona Baker - Visitor <>

Announcing a new journal of translation and interpreting.


A refereed international journal devoted to bringing professional and
academic interests closer together.

Not restricted in scope to any particular school of thought or
academic group. Managed by an editorial team with extensive academic
and professional experience. Dedicated to: rigour, relevance, and

EDITOR: Mona Baker (UMIST, UK)


Daniel Gile (ISIT, France)
Ian Mason (Heriot-Watt, UK)
Christiane Nord (Heidelberg, Germany)
Anthony Pym (Spain)
Lawrence Venuti (Temple University, USA)
Judith Woodsworth (Concordia University, Canada)

REVIEW EDITOR: Myriam Salama-Carr (Salford, UK)

The international advisory board includes Roberto Mayoral Asensio (Spain),
Aliki Bacapoulou-Halls (Greece), Franco Buffoni (Italy), Simon Chau (Hong
Kong), Dirk Delabastita (Belgium), Jean Delisle (Canada), Basil Hatim (Jordan),
 Kinga Klaudy (Hungary), Paul Kussmaul (Germany), Kitty van Leuven-Zwart
(Holland), Carol Maier (USA), Kirsten Malmkjaer (UK), Douglas Robinson (USA),
Juan Sager (UK), Christina Schaffner (UK), Candace Seguinot (Canada), Miriam
Shlesinger (Israel), Sonja Tirkkonen-Condit (Finland), and others.

Two issues per year: 125 pages each.
First Issue: April 1995.

First and second issues will include papers by: Lawrence Venuti (on copyright
and authorship), Peter Fawcett (on translation and power play), Miriam
Shlesinger (on cohesion in simultaneous interpreting), Keith Harvey (on
compensation), Hannah Amit-Kochavi (on the translation of Israeli Arabic
literature into Hebrew), Douglas Robinson (on women translators in the
17th century), Dirk Delabastita (on non-translation as a form of translation)
and Candace Seguinot (on translating advertising texts).

Each issue will also include book reviews plus a description of a
translation/interpreting course. First issue: MA in Translation Studies
(University of Surrey), Second Issue (Undergraduate courses at the Univeritat
Autonoma de Barcelona).

Order forms will be available by December 1994. To receive an order
form, or if you would like a copy of the guidelines to contributors or
reviewers, write to:

The Translator, St. Jerome Publishing, 2 Maple Road West, Brooklands,
Manchester, M23 9HH, UK.

OR Fax: UK 061-973-9856.

OR email:

I am going to be away until 18 June, so do not worry if you do not
get an immediate response to a query.

Mona Baker
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Message 2: ConSole I Proceedings

Date: Sun, 05 Jun 1994 22:28:43 ConSole I Proceedings
From: RENE MULDER <RHMULDERrulcri.LeidenUniv.NL>
Subject: ConSole I Proceedings

AVAILABLE NOW! ConSole I Proceedings

The Proceedings of ConSole 1, now available, contains 21 papers
(349 pp.) that were presented at the First Conference of the Student
Organization of Linguistics in Europe (ConSole 1), which was held at
Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 15-17 of December, 1992. The
volume is edited by Peter Ackema and Maaike Schoorlemmer.

Representing the work of the coming generation of linguists, this book
is indispensible to anyone who takes the future of linguistics at heart.

Retail price is Dfl 40 for students, Dfl 50 for all others.

ConSole I Proceedings can be ordered directly from the Student
Organization of Linguistics in Europe (SOLE), or from the distributor,
Holland Academic Graphics (HAG).

Euro/Mastercard and Visa accepted.

P.O. Box 9515 P.O. Box 43540
2300 RA Leiden 2504 AM The Hague
The Netherlands The Netherlands
fax +3171 272103 fax +3170 3231686
e-mail e-mail




 David Adger
 The Licensing of Quasi-Arguments

 Claudia Borgonovo
 Extracting from Adjuncts

 Daniel Bring & Katharina Hartmann
 The Dark Side of Wh-Movement

 Laurent Dekydtspotter
 The Proper Binding Condition Revisited

 Is Focus a Phonological Category in Portuguese?

 Petra Hendriks
 The Semantics of Multiple Head Comparatives

 Janne Bondi Johannessen
 Coordinate Alpha

 Tracy Holloway King
 The UTAH and Causation in Russian Psych Verbs

 Marian Klamer
 Applicatives in Kambera

 Jae-Hong Lee
 Subjects and Nominative Case Assignment

 Talke Macfarland
 Event Structure and Argument Structure of Cognate Objects

 Ana Maria Madeira
 Clitic-second in European Portuguese

 Mari Broman Olsen
 Aspectual Marking and English -Verb-Forming- Prefixes

 Javier Ormazabal
 A Head-Movement Solution to Bracketing Paradoxes

 Bernhard Rohrbacher
 English and Mainland Scandinavian Auxiliaries
 and the Theory of V to INFL Raising

 Anna Roussou
 Factivity, Factive Islands and the That-t Filter

 Vieri Samek-Lodovici
 A Unified Analysis of Crosslinguistic Morphological Gemination

 Liang Tao
 The Prosodic Structure and Discourse Function of Relative Clauses
 in American English Conversational Discourse

 Maraa Uribe-Etxebarria
 A Syntactic Approach to Morphophonological Properties of Compounds

 O/ystein Alexander Vangsnes
 Definiteness and the -Intensive- Use of Pronominal Determiners in Norwegian

 Xavier Villalba
 Incorporation, Case and Economy:
 A Principled Approach to Causative Constructions
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