LINGUIST List 5.662

Wed 08 Jun 1994

FYI: Discourse List, Fonts, Dictionary of American Slang

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  1. Elyse Abraham, Info on a Discourse List
  2. "T. J. Ray", Re: 5.620 FYI: Fonts
  3. "Bethany Dumas, UTK", Dictionary of American Slang

Message 1: Info on a Discourse List

Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 14:23:19 -Info on a Discourse List
From: Elyse Abraham <>
Subject: Info on a Discourse List

A few days ago Adam Karpinski <KADAM%PLTUMK11.BITNETSEARN.SUNET.SE>
posted a query asking if there was a discussion list for discourse
related issues. I've responded privately to Adam, but I think I will
also post the information here for anyone else interested in discourse.

There is a listserver called Comserve that handles several communication
related lists. Comserve works slightly differently from other
listservers. To get info on how to subscribe (and details on comserve
and the lists available, etc., etc.)

send the message: show hotlines


The discourse list is called Ethno. It's "for discussion of issues in
ethnomethodology, conversation and discourse analysis, etc.".

As far as I know this is the *only* discourse list on the internet. If
you know of any others perhaps you could post the information. :>

Best regards,

Elyse K. Abraham
Dept. of Linguistics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

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Message 2: Re: 5.620 FYI: Fonts

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 94 10:40:25 CSRe: 5.620 FYI: Fonts
Subject: Re: 5.620 FYI: Fonts

A former student of mine has developed his own set of fonts for the Macintosh.
 With these fonts the user can type any Indo-European language and several othe
rs, including Vietnamese. The name of the font is MultiKeys. The creator is D
avis Borwn BROWN. His address is 619 Van Buren Avenue, Oxford, Mississippi 386
55. Phone: 601-234-1359. This is a very exciting program that should elimaint
e the need for more than one font for IE work.

| T. J. Ray Dept. of English |
| Bitnet: EGRAYUMSVM.BITNET University of Mississippi |
| Internet: Bishop Hall-Room 323 |
| AppleLink: University, MS 38677 |
| America OL: ENGDEPT Phone: (601) 232-7678 |
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Message 3: Dictionary of American Slang

Date: Tue, 07 Jun 1994 16:47:36 Dictionary of American Slang
Subject: Dictionary of American Slang

I now have details of the publication of the first volume of Jon
Lighter's dictionary of American slang on historical principles. The
official date of publication is June 17. The title is "The Random
House Historical Dictionary of American Slang," ed. J. E. Lighter.
I saw an unbound copy of page proofs with cover, and John Fisher says
he has seen the complete volume. It's very impressive. (Tom Clark, I
lost your e-mail adr. Sorry.)
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