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Tue 14 Jun 1994

FYI: California Linguistic Notes 24/2, SCHOLAR Release CV

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  1. "Alan S. Kaye", California Linguistic Notes 24/2
  2. Joseph Raben, SCHOLAR Release CV

Message 1: California Linguistic Notes 24/2

Date: 10 Jun 1994 07:25:00 -0800California Linguistic Notes 24/2
Subject: California Linguistic Notes 24/2

* * * Volume 24, No. 2 of California Linguistic Notes is now available. * * *

 "DCM vs. CM" [on distant comparison and the comparative method]
 by Winfred P. Lehmann
 "On the Amerind Affiliations of Zuni and Tonkawa" by Joseph H. Greenberg
 "Comments On Ramer" [24/1] by Dell H. Hymes
 "Another Look at *TIK `Finger, One'" by John D. Bengtson & Merritt Ruhlen
 "Phonosemic Paradigms in English" by Roger W. Wescott
 "Lines for Linguists" by Roger W. Wescott
 "Interlingual Lexical Borrowings: A Case Study" by Zilin Zhao
 "Hospitality English" by John Ellison Kahn
 "A Corpus Based Approach to Computer Assisted Grammar Teaching"
 by Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson
 "Nagamese: Pidgin, Creole or Creoloid?" by Dwijen Bhattacharjya
 "The Philology of Non-European Pidgins: The Case of Mobilian Jargon"
 by Emanuel J. Drechsel

 Letters on _Language in the Americas_, book reviews, and more.

* Back issues still available:

Volume 24, No. 1

 "Playing On or Around" by Geoffrey K. Pullum
 "`One' and `Only' [in Uto-Aztecan]", "Arguing About `Quail'", and
 "Languages in America" by Alexis Manaster Ramer
 "...Spinning Wheels, Wordwise" by Shale Dworan
 "One Aspect of Lexicon: Conversion in Singapore-Malaysian English"
 by Stacey Marcus
 "Japanese Compounds" by Mioi Ehara
 "Derivational Reduplication in Basque" by Sean Brady
 "The Definite Article in Five Germanic Languages" by Tom Harrison
 "The Morphological Structure of Proper Names" by Lisa Chow

 Reprints of articles about Chomsky, Laurence Urdang and dialects of
 American English; book reviews.

Volume 23, No. 2

 "Fieldwork and Field Methods in Linguistics" by Paul Newman
 "Arabic and Biblical Studies: Chapters from the History of Semitic
 Studies in England" by M. O'Connor
 "Sapir's Psychological and Psychiatric Perspectives on Culture"
 by Michael Silverstein
 "The Emergence of Sango" by Helma Pasch
 "Chileno: A Maritime Pidgin Among California Indians"
 by Guillermo Bartelt
 "Names for the Quail in Native California" by William Bright
 "Tubatulabal 'Man' and the Subclassification of Uto-Aztecan"
 and "On the Nostratic Inclusive/Exclusive" by Alexis Manaster Ramer
 "All in the Family: A Closer Look at Liquids and Glides"
 by Lori J. Altmann
 "A Pragmatic Device in Electronic Communication" [The Smiley]
 by Andrew Wilson
 "Actant-marking in the Verbal Complex" by U. J. Lueders
 "Zellig S. Harris: An Appreciation" by Bruce E. Nevin.

 Reprints about indigenous and endangered languages; book reviews.

Volume 23, No. 1

 "Curiouser and curiouser: Usage of comparative `-er' in American and
 British English" and "The phonaestheme as a linguistic entity"
 by Pam Ballinger
 "Putting the 'socio' back into the sociolinguistic enterprise"
 by Joshua A. Fishman
 "A consonant-final pronominal stem in Tubatulabal" and
 "Tubatulabal takaah 'quail'" by Alexis Manaster Ramer
 "The Lubbar Fend" by Carleton T. Hodge
 "An Interview with Joseph Greenberg" by Paul Newman
 "The you-guysing of America", "Another view of `You Guys'" and
 "Everybody Likes Pizza, Doesn't He or She?" by George Jochnowitz
 "Why transcripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls had to be released"
 by Hershel Shanks

 * * *

California Linguistic Notes (ISSN 0741-1391) publishes essays, squibs,
letters, and reviews on any linguistic topic; also student papers, works
in progress, abstracts, notices of recent publications, jobs, and more.
Manuscripts and other material for publishing should be submitted,
preferably on disk or online, to the addresses below.

Subscription, $20.00 for USA subscribers; $30.00 overseas (airmail);
$10.00 per additional copy sent to the same address.

Sample issues available for $2 (to cover printing and postage).

Alan S. Kaye, Editor
Program in Linguistics
Department of English
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92634-9480 USA


(I shall be in Cairo until the last week of August, 1994, and thus unable
to mail requested issues until then. However, I will be reading and replying
to e-mail at the above address. -- Alan)
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Message 2: SCHOLAR Release CV

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 94 20:53:04 EDSCHOLAR Release CV
Subject: SCHOLAR Release CV

The next release of SCHOLAR: Natural Language Proc-
essing Online will be distributed shortly. If not al-
ready subscribed, send email to <listservcunyvm.cuny.
edu> as follows: sub scholar Firstname Lastname .

Release CV contains the following items.

The Natural Language Translation Specialist Group
Newsletter 22, April 1994, table of contents.

Consortium for Lexical Research Newsletter 11, table of

Notes on Fiction Hypertexts

A note on a projected Catalog of Spanish Corpora and
Related Resources

A note on the International Centre for Distance
Learning Database

A note on additions to the "Please Copy This Disk"

A note on an available etext list from Spectrum Press

A note on recent Project Gutenberg etexts

A note on the Infolingua Bibliographical Series in
Linguistics, Informatics and Communications

An update on access to Spanish Libraries

A note on internet access to SGML textual analysis
resources at the University of Virginia

A note on business language corpora

A request for information retrieval test collections

A note on ARIADNE: A New Gopher to the Hellenic
Civilization Database

A note on Latin text + hypertext on the Net

A note on the Leeds Database of Manuscript English

A note on the Linguistics Studies Facility on the
Australian National University Gopher

A note on the Toronto Archive for Course Materials
in Humanities Computing

A note on the British Library Network OPAC

A note on Electronic Text Center resources at the
University of Virginia

A note on the Association of Research Libraries

A note on Chinese/English translation software.

A review of _The Oxford Acoustic Phonetic Database on
Compact Disk_

A note on a new list: Hypertext in Education

A note on a list of Gophers of Scholarly Societies
at the University of Waterloo

A note on a new list on Eastern (European) language

A note on the Oxford English Dictionary discussion list
at the University of Liverpool

A global calendar of conferences and workshops in
Troitsk, Russia; Buffalo NY; Las Cruces NM; Dublin.
Ireland; Moscow, Russia; Vigo, Spain; Paris, France;
Manchester, U.K.; Guilford, U.K.; TAmes IA; New Bruns-
wick NJ; Utrecht, Netherlands; Kwaluseni, Swaziland;
Sydney, Australia; Seattle WA; Kyoto, Japan; Cophen-
hagen, Denmark; Antwerp, Belgium; Bergen, Norway; Nara,
Japan; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Beijing, China; Edin-
burgh, U.K.; College Park MD; Montreal, Canada; Ham-
burg, Germany; Nijmegen, Netherlands; Varna, Bulgaria;
Munich, Germany; Helsinki, Finland; Glasgow, U.K.; Man-
chester, U.K.; Crimea, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia; Se-
ville, Spain; Santorini, Greece; Alvor, Portugal; Vien-
na, Austria; Alicante, Spain; New York NY; Stuttgart,
Germany; Cambridge MA; San Francisco CA; New Orleans
LA; Tilburg, Netherlands; San Diego CA; York, U.K.;
Santa Barbara CA; Singapore; Birmingham, U.K.; and
Stockholm, Sweden.
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