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Tue 14 Jun 1994

FYI: TOC - HEL 16-I, Internet virus

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  1. Jean-Luc Chevillard, TOC: HEL 16-I (Special Peirce)
  2. Cherilyn Young, Internet virus (fwd)

Message 1: TOC: HEL 16-I (Special Peirce)

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 11:43:48 TOC: HEL 16-I (Special Peirce)
From: Jean-Luc Chevillard <>
Subject: TOC: HEL 16-I (Special Peirce)

Sylvain Auroux, Editeur -- Published By Presses Universitaires de Vincennes
ISSN 0750-8069, Single issue: 125 FF, Edited by the SHESL.

Tome 16, fascicule I, 1994
C. Chauvire Avant-propos
S. Haack How the Critical Common-sensist Sees Things
L. Haaparanta Charles Peirce and the Drawings of the Mind
C. Hookway Iconicity and Logical Form
F. Nef Temps, indetermination et modalite,
 a propos de la doctrine peircienne du futur
C. Tiercelin Entre grammaire speculative et logique terministe:
 la recherche peircienne d'un nouveau modele
 de la signification et du mental
P. Thibaud La notion peircienne de metaphore
C. Chauvire Logique et grammaire pure. Propositions,
 sujets et predicats chez Peirce.

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Message 2: Internet virus (fwd)

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 11:56:55 Internet virus (fwd)
From: Cherilyn Young <>
Subject: Internet virus (fwd)


A Virus has been discovered on Internet that is disguised as CD-ROM

Unknown hackers have illegally put the Chinon name on a destructive
shareware file and released it on the Internet. This catastrophic virus is
program, allegedly a shareware PC utility that will convert an ordinary
CD-ROM drive into a CD-Recordable (CD-R) device, which is technically
impossible, instead destroys critical system files on a user's hard drive.
The program also immediately crashes the CPU, forces the user to reboot and
stays in memory.

Widest dissemination is requested.

Dr. Juan Carlos Garelli E-mail:
Attachment Research Center Fax : +54-1-812-5432
Juncal 1966 - 6 B Tel. : +54-1-812-5521
(1116) Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA
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