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Wed 15 Jun 1994

Sum: Order of conjuncts, Addendum to ape language summary

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  1. "Barbara.Abbott", Sum: Order of conjuncts
  2. Michael Kac, Addendum to Summary

Message 1: Sum: Order of conjuncts

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 13:08 EDT
From: "Barbara.Abbott" <>
Subject: Sum: Order of conjuncts

Once again LINGUISTs come through. Last week I asked for references on what
determines the order of items in conjunctions (e.g. "peanut butter and jelly",
but ?"jelly and peanut butter"). I said I had the Cooper and Ross paper
(included in the list below) but nothing more recent. Thanks to Kon Kuiper,
Carol Miller, Rich Hilliard, Loren Allen Billings, Mel Resnick, Mihoko Kubota,
Ton van der Wouden, Raphael Salkie, Bill Rapaport, Kay Bock, Maryellen
MacDonald, Steve Pinker, and Grev Corbett. The references they suggested are
given below. Also Mel Resnick remarks:

Thanks for asking about this. The topic is of interest to me on a cross-
linguistic basis, viz.:

 ------- -------
 black and white blanco y negro
 from head to toe de pie a cabeza


Allan, Keith. 1987. [no title given]. Journal of Linguistics vol 23 no. 1.

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Falmer, UK: Falmer Press, pp. 119-141. This paper refers to an earlier
paper by Gil in Hopper & Thompson, eds, Syntax & Semantics 15, Studies on

Kelly, M., Bock, J.K., and Keil, F. (1986). Prototypicality in a linguistic
context: Effects on sentence structure. _Journal of Memory and Language_ 25:

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idioms. Te Reo [the journal of the NZ Linguistic Society] 31: 3-17.

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Semantic, phonological, and metrical determinats of serial position. _Cognitive
Psychology_ vol 25, 188-230. (The reference list in this paper cites a lot of
work, experimental and otherwise, on order in conjuncts, frozen and

Pinker, Steven and David Birdsong. (1979). Speakers' sensitivity to rules of
frozen word order. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 18, 497-

Pinker, Steven. 1994. The Language Instinct. William Morrow; see pp. 166-

Urtz, Bernadette (ABD at Harvard in Slavic linguistics, but lives in Ithaca)
may have a working paper on this subject in a colloquium papers volume edited
by Olga Yokoyama (her adviser).
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Message 2: Addendum to Summary

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 00:17:07 Addendum to Summary
From: Michael Kac <>
Subject: Addendum to Summary

In my summary of responses to my query regarding the ape
language controversy, I neglected to include the following references
(communicated by John O'Neil).

Neisser, A. (1983) _The_Other_Side_of_Silence_ New York:Knopf.

Petitto, L.A. (1988) "``Language'' in the prelinguistic child". In F.
Kessel, ed.,

Pinker, S. & P. Bloom (1990) "Natural language and natural
 selection" _Behavioral_and Brain_Sciences_ 13:707.

- & M.S. Seidenberg (1979) "On the evidence for linguistic abilities
in signing apes" _Brain_and_Language_ 8:162.

Seidenberg, M.S. (1986) "Evidence from the great apes concerning the
biological bases of language." In W. Demopoulos and A. Marras, eds.,

- & Petitto, L.A. (1979) "Signing behaviour in apes: a critical
review" _Cognition_ 7:177.

- (1987) "Communication, symbolic communication, and language"
_Journal_of_Experimental_Psychology_ 116:279.

Terrace, H.S., L.A. Pettito, R.J. Sanders & T.G. Bever (1979) "Can an
ape create a sentence?" _Science_ 206:891.

Michael Kac
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