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FYI: Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 5, 1994

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  1. Larry Bouton, Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 5, 1994

Message 1: Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 5, 1994

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 94 11:21:52 CDPragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 5, 1994
From: Larry Bouton <>
Subject: Pragmatics and Language Learning, vol. 5, 1994

Please publish the following announcement:

The 1994 volume of the Pragmatics and Language Learning Monograph Series, vol 5
is now available. This volume is a refereed collection of selected papers
given at the Pragmatics and Language Learning Conference held at the University
of Illinois this past April. The contents are as follows:

Anna Wierzbicka, Cultural Scripts: A Semantic Approach to Cultural Analysis
 and Cross Cultural Communication.

Ayo Bambose, Issues in Second Language Learning in a Multilingual Context

Yamuna Kachru, Cross-cultural Speech Act Research and the Classroom

Kenneth R. Rose, Pragmatics Consciousness-Raising in an EFL Context

Francois V. Tochon and Jean-Paul Dionne, Discourse Analysis and Instructional
 Flexibility: A Pragmatic Grammar

Lawrence F. Bouton, Can NNS Skill in Interpreting Implicatures in American
 English Be Improved through Explicit Instruction? - A Pilot Study

Hisae Niki and Hiroko Tajika: Asking for Permission vs. Making Requests:
 Strategies Chosen by Japanese Speakers of English

Janie Rees-Miller, American Student's Questioning Behavior and Its Implications
 for ESL

Agnes Weiyun He, Constructing Facts and Stances through Voicing: Cases from
 Student-Counselor Interaction

Eli Hinkel, Topic Appropriateness in Cross-Cultural Social Conversations

Ann Berry, Spanish and American Turn-Taking Styles: A Comparative Study

Erica McClure, Cross-linguistic Influences on the Acquisition of Discourse
 Level Constraints on the Comprehension and Use of Adversative Con-

Pinmin Kuo, The Correlation of Discourse Markers and Discourse Structures

Muriel Saville-Troike and Donna M. Johnson, An Integration of Perspectives

Donald E. Hardy and Karen Milton, The Distribution and Function of Relative
 Clauses in Literature

Sonoko Sakakibara, Non-grammatical Reflexive Binding Phenomena: The Case of

M. Lynne Murphy, A Note on Pragmatic Markedness

Shona Whyte, Acquisition in Context: The Discourse Domain Hypothesis of Inter-
 language Variation

Cost of this volume = 12.00 (US); back issues available. For further informa-
tion, contact me at

Orders can be taken by mail only (prepaid) and should be sent to...

Cindy Meier-Giertz
3070 FLB
University of Illinois
707 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801

Larry Bouton, editor
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