LINGUIST List 5.762

Wed 29 Jun 1994

FYI: Lang Lists 1.8, Forensic Lx, MIT Working Papers #21, Corpus

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  1. Michael Everson, List of Language Lists 1.8
  2. , Forensic Linguistics
  3. Colin Phillips, MIT Working Papers #21
  4. "Henry S. Thompson", Release of European Corpus Initiative CD-ROM

Message 1: List of Language Lists 1.8

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 94 11:30:14 +0List of Language Lists 1.8
From: Michael Everson <EVERSONIRLEARN.UCD.IE>
Subject: List of Language Lists 1.8

The List of Language Lists version 1.8 is now available by anonymous
ftp at ( in /pub/everson

Midsummer blessings to all,
Michael Everson
School of Architecture, UCD; Richview, Clonskeagh; Dublin 14; E/ire
Phone: +353 1 706-2745 Fax: +353 1 283-7778 Home: +353 1 478-2597
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Message 2: Forensic Linguistics

Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 16:31
From: <>
Subject: Forensic Linguistics

In response to the query about Forensic Linguistics: there are three
things you can subscribe to if you're interested.

1. The international electronic list FL-LIST. This is FREE to join.
 It is unmoderated, and semi-automatic - not a LISTSERV address.
 To join, send a brief "subscribe" message including your name to

2. The International Association of Forensic Linguists, IAFL. This
 is a sister organisation to the longer-established International
 Association for Forensic Phonetics, IAFP. Those with an academic
 background in linguistics can apply for full membership, others
 are associate members.

 OF SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND THE LAW. Published by Routledge in the UK,
 first issue imminent. You can subscribe directly to the Journal,
 but if you join either the IAFP or the IAFL your subscription
 INCLUDES the price of the journal and is very good value!

For details of the IAFL and/or the journal, contact me on my personal

Sue Blackwell
University of Birmingham
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Message 3: MIT Working Papers #21

Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 13:05:46 EDMIT Working Papers #21
From: Colin Phillips <cphillMIT.EDU>
Subject: MIT Working Papers #21

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #21. June '94. 476pp. $15+p/h ($2 US, else
 $3). MITWPL, 20D-219, MIT, Cambridge, Mass., 02139, USA.

MORRIS HALLE & WILLIAM IDSARDI: A reanalysis of Indonesian stress;
MICHAEL KENSTOWICZ: Cyclic vs. non-cyclic constraint evaluation;
MASATOSHI KOIZUMI: Deletion & stray erasure; ZHIMING BAO: Syllable structure &
 labial co-occurrence;
ANDREW CARNIE: Whence sonority - evidence from Epenthesis in Irish;
DIANA CRESTI: Complexity in syllable structure;
RENATE MUSAN: On the structure of the coda and voicing phenomena in Polish;
COLIN PHILLIPS: Are feature hierarchies autosegmental hierarchies?;
HUBERT TRUCKENBRODT: The OCP, underspecification, and articulatory faithfulness
MORRIS HALLE & ALEC MARANTZ: Some key features of distributed morphology;
HEIDI HARLEY: Deriving the morphosyntactic feature hierarchy;
JAMES HARRIS: The syntax-phonology mapping in Catalan & Spanish clitics;

TSAI: On matching syntax-phonology mismatches; CARSON SCHUTZE: Serbo-Croatian
2nd position clitics and the phonology-syntax interface
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Message 4: Release of European Corpus Initiative CD-ROM

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 94 16:50:00 BSRelease of European Corpus Initiative CD-ROM
From: "Henry S. Thompson" <>
Subject: Release of European Corpus Initiative CD-ROM

The European Corpus Initiative is pleased to announce the availability
of their Multilingual Corpus 1 (ECI/MCI) on CD-ROM.

Overview of the contents of ECI/MCI

The ECI/MCI corpus contains almost 100 million words in 27 (mainly
European) languages. It consists of 48 opportunistically collected
component corpora (many thanks to those who generously donated
material!) marked up using TEI P2 conformant SGML (to varying levels
of detail), with easy access to the source text without markup. 12 of
the component corpora are multilingual parallel corpora with from two
to nine sub-corpora. All the alphabetic corpora (there is some
Japanese and Chinese) are encoded in the ISO LATIN family of 8-bit
character sets (ISO 8859-1, -5 and -7). The CD-ROM is in High Sierra
format (ISO 9660), readable on UN*X, MSDOS and Apple systems at least.

The component corpora vary considerably in size -- some of the larger ones:

ger03 German Newspaper texts from the Frankfurter Rundschau
 July 1992 - March 1993
 Provided by Universitaet Gesamthochschule Paderborn Germany
 Approximately 34 million words.

fre01 French Newspaper texts from Le Monde
 September, October 1989, and January 1990
 Provided by LIMSI CNRS, France
 Approximately 4.1 million words

dut02 Extracts from the Leiden Corpus of Dutch
 (newspapers, transcribed speech, etc)
 Provided by Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie, Leiden, Holland
 Approximately 5.5 million words

mul05 International Labour Organisation reports of the
 Committee on Freedom of Association 1984-1989.
 Parallel texts in English, French and Spanish
 Approximately 1.7 million words per language

How to Acquire the ECI/MCI CD-ROM

The CD-ROM is available in the US from the Linguistic Data Consortium
(LDC), for members of the LDC or those making a bulk purchase, and
otherwise from ELSNET, 2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW, SCOTLAND.
The cost from ELSNET is 20 UK pounds plus postage, handling and tax
where applicable, on signature of the necessary User Licence

The ordering procedure is described in detail in

For those unable to access this, blank licence agreements can be
retrived via anonymous ftp from or .ps

Further information about ordering etc. should be requested from

A complete contents listing can be accessed via the above ELSNET URL,
or by anonymous ftp from
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