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Sat 22 Jan 1994

Calls: FLSM 5, ACL-94

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  1. FLSM 5, FLSM 5 conference *updated message*
  2. , CFP: Computational Phonology Workshop at ACL-94

Message 1: FLSM 5 conference *updated message*

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 1994 10:24:03 FLSM 5 conference *updated message*
From: FLSM 5 <>
Subject: FLSM 5 conference *updated message*

Reminder about the upcoming abstract deadline for the fifth

 Formal Linguistics Society of Mid-America conference.

The deadline for abstracts is January 31. Send them to:

 FLSM5 Committee
 Department of Linguistics
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
 4088 Foreign Languages Building
 707 S. Mathews
 Urbana, IL 61801

Inquiries to:

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Message 2: CFP: Computational Phonology Workshop at ACL-94

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 94 14:53:07 +0CFP: Computational Phonology Workshop at ACL-94
From: <>
Subject: CFP: Computational Phonology Workshop at ACL-94


 1st Meeting of the Association for Computational Phonology

 1 July 1994
 New Mexico State University
 Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

 in conjunction with the 32nd Annual Meeting of the
 Association for Computational Linguistics
 27-30 June 1994

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Steven Bird (chair), John Coleman, Mark Ellison,
Michael Gasser, Richard Sproat.

SPONSORS: The Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) and
the European Network in Language and Speech (ELSNET) are the official
sponsors of the workshop.

TOPICS OF INTEREST: Papers are invited on substantial, original, and
unpublished research on all aspects of computational phonology,
including (but not limited to) finite-state, connectionist and logical
techniques; formalisms, implementations and complexity results;
computational, mathematical and psychological models; and the
integration of phonology with grammar and speech.

REQUIREMENTS: Papers should describe unique work; they should
emphasize completed work rather than intended work; and they should
indicate clearly the state of completion of the reported results. As
the proceedings will be published, a paper accepted for presentation
at the Workshop cannot be presented or have been presented at any
other meeting with publicly available published proceedings. Papers
that are being submitted to other conferences must reflect this fact
on the title page.

FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION: Authors should submit preliminary versions of
their papers, not to exceed 3200 words (exclusive of references and
formatting commands). Papers outside the specified length and
formatting requirements are subject to rejection without review.
Papers should be headed by a title page containing the paper title, a
short (5 line) summary and a specification of the subject area.
(Authors are not obliged to give their names and affiliations if they
wish the reviewing to be `blind'.)

SUBMISSION: Due to the tight time constraints, only electronic
submissions will be accepted. These should be either self-contained
LaTeX source or plain text. LaTeX submissions must use the ACL
submission style (aclsub.sty) retrievable from the ACL LISTSERV server
(access to which is described below) and should not refer to any
external files or styles except for the standard styles for TeX 3.14
and LaTeX 2.09. A model submission modelsub.tex is also provided in
the archive, as well as a bibliography style acl.bst. (Note however
that the bibliography for a submission cannot be submitted as separate
.bib file; the actual bibliography entries must be inserted in the
submitted LaTeX source file.)

FTP submissions should be deposited in
 (Please note that this is not a readable directory.)
Email submissions should be sent to
 Leeann Jackson-Eve <>
 (Please ensure no lines are longer than 80 characters, as some
 mailers insert linebreaks.)

In addition, a plain text version of the identification page should be
sent separately by electronic mail, using the following format:

 title: <title>
 author: <name of first author>
 address: <address of first author>
 author: <name of last author>
 address: <address of last author>
 abstract: < abstract>
 content areas: <first area>, ..., <last area>
 word count:
 file name: <name of the file submitted by FTP>

SCHEDULE: Authors must submit their papers by 1 March 1994. Late
papers cannot be considered. Notification of receipt will be mailed
to the first author soon after receipt. Authors will be notified of
acceptance by 21 March 1994. Camera-ready copies of final papers
prepared in a double-column format, preferably using a laser printer,
must be received by 15 April 1994, along with a signed copyright
release statement. The ACL LaTeX proceedings format is available
through the ACL LISTSERV.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to submit a paper, please notify
Leeann Jackson-Eve <> as soon as possible,
giving author names and title (or subject area) of your paper. This
will help us in arranging reviewers ahead of time and speed up the
reviewing process.

REGISTRATION: Registration fees are $US 20 for participants who
register by 15 May 1994. Later registration will be more expensive.
Registration includes a copy of the proceedings, along with lunch and
refreshments on the day of the workshop. Acceptable forms of payment
are US$ cheques payable to "ACL" or credit card (VISA/Mastercard)
payment. Please submit the following form along with payment:

 institution: <for name tag>
 address: <postal address>
 payment: <specify cheque or credit card>
 credit card info: <name on card, card number, expiry date>
 dietary requirements: <vegetarian etc>

Please send to:

 Leeann Jackson-Eve (SIGPHON Workshop)
 University of Edinburgh
 Centre for Cognitive Science
 2 Buccleuch Place
 Edinburgh EH8 9LW
 Scotland, U.K.

 Email: <>

 Fax: +44 31 650 4587

ACL INFORMATION: For other information on the ACL conference which
precedes the workshop and on the ACL more generally, please use the
ACL LISTSERV, described below.

ACL LISTSERV: LISTSERV is a facility to allow access to an electronic
document archive by electronic mail. The ACL LISTSERV has been set up
at Columbia University's Department of Computer Science. Requests from
the archive should be sent as e-mail messages to

with an empty subject field and the message body containing the
request command. The most useful requests are "help" for general help
on using LISTSERV, "index acl-l" for the current contents of the ACL
archive and "get acl-l <file>" to get a particular file named <file>
from the archive. For example, to get an ACL membership form, a
message with the following body should be sent:

 get acl-l membership-form.txt

Answers to requests are returned by e-mail. Since the server may have
many requests for different archives to process, requests are queued
up and may take a while (say, overnight) to be fulfilled.

The ACL archive can also be accessed by anonymous FTP. Here is an
example of how to get the same file by FTP (user typein is

 $ ftp
 Name ( anonymous
 --------- << not echoed
 ftp> cd acl-l
 ftp> get membership-form.txt.Z
 ftp> quit
 $ uncompress membership-form.txt.Z

SIGPHON Administrator. <>
University of Edinburgh, Centre for Cognitive Science
2 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EH8 9LW, Scotland, U.K.
Telephone: (031) 650-4421/4432. Fax: (031) 650-4587.
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