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Mon 25 Jul 1994

FYI: Liverpool linguistics ftp, MIT & UConn Working Papers

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  1. "Mr A.P. Berber Sardinha", 5.785 FYI: Liverpool linguistics ftp
  2. Colin Phillips, MIT & UConn Working Papers

Message 1: 5.785 FYI: Liverpool linguistics ftp

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 1994 16:02:41 5.785 FYI: Liverpool linguistics ftp
From: "Mr A.P. Berber Sardinha" <>
Subject: 5.785 FYI: Liverpool linguistics ftp


 This is to announce our linguistics ftp directory which contains
 on-line papers in discourse analysis. The papers are
 draft versions of work currently being done at the Department
 of English of the University of Liverpool, UK. Comments are
 welcome, and should be sent to the authors, whose
 addresses appear in the papers themselves.

 To fetch a paper, type
 <type your email address here>
 cd pub/linguistics
 (select the file(s) you want from the list)
 get <filename>
 gzip -d <filename>

 If the file ends in .tar you need to type

 tar -xvf <filename>

 To print the file, type (or consult your local computer advisors)

 lpr -Plaser <filename>

 The files currently in the directory are listed below.

 More details, please send me a message.
 If you prefer, you can get any of the files below by eletronic
 mail by sending an email message to quoting
 the papers you want. You'll receive the uncompressed
 postscript files.

 1 DIRECT Papers

Language Filename Contents
English Lexis in
 Annual Reports: The Vicinity Strip
 Technique. Working Paper 1.
English Lexis in
 Annual Reports: The Cluster Triangle
 Technique. Working Paper 2.
Portuguese Mapa lexical
 de uma reuniao de negocios em ingles.
 Working Paper 3.
English wp-4.tar.gz Lexis in
 Annual Reports: Lexical density. Working
 Paper 4.
English Lexis in
 Annual Reports: Paragraph linkage and
 cohesion distance. Working Paper 5.
English Dealing
 with face threats in oral
 presentations. Working Paper 6.
English Grammatical
 aspects of roles in culturally diverse
 oral presentations. Working Paper 7.
English Lexis in
 Annual Reports: Text segmentation and
 lexical threads. Working Paper 8.
English Lexical
 patterns for 'year' in annual business
 reports. Working Paper 9.
English Text flow
 and collocations. Working Paper 10.
English wp-11.tar.gz Collocations in an introduction to
 annual business reports. Working Paper 11
English Lexical
 frameworks in an annual business report.
 Working Paper 12.


Language Filename Contents

English tk-1.tar.gz Text segmentation and lexical cohesion. Postgraduate
 seminar. June 8 1994. AELSU, Liverpool
 University, England.

Tony Berber Sardinha |
AELSU | Fax 44-51-794-2739
University of Liverpool |
PO Box 147 |
Liverpool L69 3BX |
UK |
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Message 2: MIT & UConn Working Papers

Date: Sun, 24 Jul 94 19:28:35 EDMIT & UConn Working Papers
From: Colin Phillips <cphillMIT.EDU>
Subject: MIT & UConn Working Papers

THE MORPHOLOGY-SYNTAX CONNECTION, Papers from the January 1994 MIT Workshop.
 MIT Working Papers in Linguistics #22, Heidi Harley & Colin Phillips (eds)
 296pp, $12+p/h ($2 in US, else $3). MITWPL, 20D-219, MIT, Cambridge
 Mass., 02139, USA.
 Jonathan Bobaljik - What does Adjacency do?
 Eulalia Bonet - The Person-Case Constraint: A Morphological Approach
 Sarah Cummins & Yves Roberge - Romance Infl In and Out of Syntax
 Koji Fujita - Middle, Ergative & Passive in English: A Minimalist Approach
 Tracy Holloway King - SpecAgrP & Case: Evidence from Georgian
 Erika Mitchell - What Morphology can tell us about Functional Categories
 Kumiko Murasugi - A Constraint on the Feature Specification of Agr
 Lea Nash - On BE and HAVE in Georgian
 Keren Rice & Leslie Saxon - The Subject Positions in Athapaskan Languages
 Johan Rooryck - Zero and Alpha Underspecification in Syntax & Phonology
 Jerrold Sadock - Syntactic Activity & Inertness in W. Greenl. Morphology
 Robin Schafer - HAVE Predication and the Syntax of Perfective in Breton
 James Yoon - Korean Verbal Inflection and Checking Theory
 Ke Zou - Resultative V-V Compounds in Chinese

 of David Michaels. J. Abe, L. Ferro, L. LaPorte-Grimes, D. Takahashi,
 M. Yamashima (eds). July 1994. 274pp. $12+p/h ($2 in US, else $3).
 Order from MITWPL, 20D-219, MIT, Cambridge, Mass., 02139.
 Jun Abe - Movement Operations in Syllable Structures: Locality & Economy
 Carole Tenny Boster - Children's Failure on Principle B: Syntax or Lexicon
 Lori Davis - A Comparison of VP Topicalization in Swedish and English
 Lisa Ferro - Stress & Coda Licensing in Middle English Vowel Shortening
 Howard Lasnik - Operators and Obviation
 Elizabeth Laurencot - A Syllable Structure Analysis of Russian Pro-segments
 Jeong-shik Lee - Extraction from Complex NP Constructions in Chinese
 Mineharu Nakayama - Japanese Children's Interpretation of Empty Subjects
 Myung-kwan Park - Syllable Structure and Assimilation Phenomena in Korean
 Mamoru Saito - Additional WH-effects and the Adjunction Site Theory
 Rozz Thornton - Rendaku in Japanese: An X'Phonology Approach
 Robyne Tiedeman - A Note on some Superfluous Ordered Rules in Tonkawa
 Juan Uriagereka - A Conjecture on the Form of Parameters
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