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Tue 02 Aug 1994

Jobs: Lectureship and Temporary Lectureship, Temporary job

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Message 1: Jobs

Date: Mon, 1 Aug 1994 11:12:57 +Jobs
From: "Max Wheeler" <>
Subject: Jobs


 School of Cognitive & Computing Sciences

Lectureship and Temporary Lectureship in Linguistics

Applications are invited for (1) a Lectureship and (2) a two-year temporary
Lectureship, both to start 1 October 1994 or as soon thereafter as possible.
Applicants with specialisms in psycholinguistics or English Language may be
preferred, but any well qualified specialist in linguistics should feel free
to apply.

Salaries will be on the Lecturer Grade A or B salary scale 14,756 to 19,326
pounds or 20,133 to 25,735 pounds per annum.

Further particulars and applications forms are available from Ms Victoria Lay,
Personnel Office, Sussex House, University of Brighton, Brighton BN1 9RH,
England. Tel: (0) 273 678201; fax (0) 273 678335.

Enquiries about these posts may be addressed to Dr Max Wheeler, School of
Cognitive & Computing Sciences, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1
9QH. Tel (0) 273 606755 ex 2416; fax (0) 273 671320; email

CLOSING DATE: 1 September 1994
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Message 2: Temporary Job Portugal - Italy

Date: 2 Aug 94 9:34:23 ES
From: <>
Subject: Temporary Job Portugal - Italy

Voice Processing Corporation, a leading speech recognition company located in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, is starting two more speech sample collection
projects, one in Portugal (Lisbon) and one in Italy (Milan).

For both countries, VPC is looking for an individual to oversee the
collection. This person should be a native of the country, be creative, and
have a basic understanding of computers.

The task of this person will be to get people to call into a system, and read
some digits and words. The projects will start in September, and should last
about 1 month. This is not a full-time job, rather around 15 or 20 hours per

If interested, please send mail to Inge De Bleecker at for more
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