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Sat 13 Aug 1994

Qs: Case grammar, German lexicon, Endangered langs, Tlingit

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  1. Ted Pedersen, Case Grammar
  2. Annette McElligott *, Lexicon Required
  3. "George Fowler h(t *, Query: bibliography on endangered languages?
  4. "Mohr Bob", Tlingit, Tsimsian, Haida

Message 1: Case Grammar

Date: Sun, 7 Aug 1994 08:39:28 -Case Grammar
From: Ted Pedersen <>
Subject: Case Grammar

I am trying to teach myself a few things about Case Grammar. I've got
a copy of Fillmore's "A Case for Case" and am wondering if things have
changed much with Case Grammar since the late 1960's (when this paper
appeared). If so, where could I go to find out what the state of the
art is?

I've noticed many folks have their own set of cases. Here's one that I
found in Knight and Rich's Artificial Intelligence textbook that seems
pretty good. Any comments on this collection of cases?

Agenitive - instigator of the action (usually animate).
Instrument - cause of the event or object used in causing the
 event (usually inanimate).
Dative - entity affect by the action (usually animate).
Factitive - object or being resulting from the event.
Locative - place of the event.
Source - place from which something moves.
Goal - place to which something moves.
Beneficiary - being on whose behalf the event occurred (usally animate).
Time - time at which an event occurred.
Object - entity that is acted upon or that changes.

* Ted Pedersen *
* Department of Computer Science and Engineering, *
* Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275 (214) 768-2126 *
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Message 2: Lexicon Required

Date: Mon, 08 Aug 94 13:06:00 GMLexicon Required
From: Annette McElligott * <>
Subject: Lexicon Required

Can anyone assist with the following:

I am looking for a German lexicon that contains a word, its root form,
category, and word senses.

Thanks in advance,

Annette McElligott,
CSIS Dept.,
University of Limerick,
Tel: +353-61-333644 Ext. 5024
Fax: +353-61-330876
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Message 3: Query: bibliography on endangered languages?

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 94 18:17:47 ESQuery: bibliography on endangered languages?
From: "George Fowler h(t * <>
Subject: Query: bibliography on endangered languages?

 This fall I am teaching a course for freshmen, in a new series of
analytical thinking and writing courses at my university, entitled "Endangered
Languages". I made up a course packet last spring with generally accessible
readings on various aspects of that topic (impact of bilingual education on
dwindling minority languages, impact of mass media, relation to national
politics, impact of a written language, case studies of the last speaker of a
language, and a survey of the problems of various geographic areas--Africa, N.
America, S. America, etc.).
 I was going through the packet the other day, before taking it to a
Xeroxing store, and found myself much less satisfied with what I had compiled
than I was last spring when I first put it together. Therefore, despite the
ridiculously late date, I wanted to ask Linguist subscribers if they have any
suggestions for reading materials that would add to a course of this sort. Of
special interest are non-specialist writings, but I can also excerpt from more
specialized or less accessible materials. I would be most grateful if anyone
knows of any published bibliographies in this area.
 If there is significant interest in this, I'd be happy to post a summary,
and could also report on how the course goes once I've taught it.

 George Fowler GFowlerIndiana.Edu [Email]
 Dept. of Slavic Languages (812) 855-2829 [office]
 Ballantine 502 (317) 726-1482 [home]
 Indiana University (812) 855-2624/-2608/-9906 [dept.]
 Bloomington, IN 47405 USA (812) 855-2107 [dept. fax]
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Message 4: Tlingit, Tsimsian, Haida

Date: 12 Aug 1994 10:58:56 U
From: "Mohr Bob" <>
Subject: Tlingit, Tsimsian, Haida

Any information or pointers to work (being) done on the above Amer-Indian
languages would be appreciated.
Bob Mohr
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