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Wed 17 Aug 1994

Confs: ESCOL '94 - program

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  1. Stanley Dubinsky, ESCOL '94 - program

Message 1: ESCOL '94 - program

Date: Tue, 16 Aug 94 14:44:08 EDESCOL '94 - program
Subject: ESCOL '94 - program

 ESCOL '94 (Eastern States Conference on Linguistics)
 at the University of South Carolina

 September 30 - October 2, 1994

Friday September 30

 8:30 Registration and Coffee (Russell House Auditorium)

 9:00 Welcome: Dean Lester Lefton,
 College of Humanities and Social Sciences

 9:15 The hierarchy of negation and tense in English
 Luis Lopez (Cornell Univ)

 9:45 On long head movement in Bulgarian
 David Embick (U of Pennsylvania)
 Roumyana Izvorski (U of Pennsylvania)

10:15 Code-switching and the Functional Head Constraint
 Rakesh Mohan Bhatt (U of Tennessee)

10:45 Break

11:00 Hierarchical opacity nasal harmony: An optimality theoretic analysis
 Rachel Walker (U of California, Santa Cruz)

11:30 The structure of affricates in Kuvi: A constraint-based account
 Rebecca Herman (Ohio State Univ)

12:00 Optimality and the structure of Welsh voiceless sonorants
 Elizabeth J. Pyatt (Harvard Univ)

12:30 Lunch

 2:30 Indefinites and events
 Piroska Csuri (Brandeis Univ)

 3:00 Specific NPs but no restrictor
 Leyla Zidani-Eroglu (U of Wisconsin, Madison)

 3:30 `All'-less in Wonderland?: Revisiting "any"
 Jason Eisner (U of Pennsylvania)

 4:00 Argument orientations of locative PPs in English
 Seungho Nam (U of California, Los Angeles)

 4:30 Break

 5:00 A minimalist account of Choctaw verbal morphology as quirky case
 Carson T. Schutze (MIT)

 5:30 On the universal and language-particular components
 of the German passive
 Gert Webelhuth (U of North Carolina)
 Farrell Ackerman (U of California, San Diego)

 6:00 Backward control in Brazilian Portuguese
 Patrick Farrell (U of California, Davis)

 6:30 Dinner

 8:30 Invited Talk William Davies (U of Iowa)
 Resuscitating the Relational Succession Law
 in Kinyarwanda

Saturday October 1

 8:30 Breakfast

 9:00 Anti-anti-superiority
 Hideki Maki (U of Connecticut)

 9:30 Locative adverbial clauses in Japanese
 Yoichi Miyamoto (U of Connecticut)

10:00 Types, tokens, AgrO and aspect
 Cristina Schmitt (U of Maryland)

10:30 Modificational possession
 Alan Munn (U of Missouri)

11:00 Break

11:15 Invited Talk Margaret Speas (U Mass)
 Empty positions and economy of projection

12:15 Lunch

 2:00 Business meeting

 2:15 Variation as optimality in Korean cluster reduction
 Gregory K. Iverson (U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
 Shinsook Lee (U of Wisconsin, Madison)

 2:45 Interaction of lexical tone and non-lexical tone in the
 KyungNam dialect of Korean
 Yong-Hyung Cho (U of Arizona)

 3:15 Break

 3:30 Reprising repetitious conjunction
 Joseph Rosenzweig (U of Pennsylvania)

 4:00 The ambiguity of comparatives with "less"
 Hotze Rullmann (U of Groningen)

 4:30 The representation of reciprocals in grammar
 Uli Sauerland (MIT)

 5:00 Break

 5:30 Double object dative and the possession condition
 in L2 English relativization
 Robert Hamilton (U of South Carolina)

 6:00 Children's understanding of donkey sentences:
 Dynamic vs. unselective binding
 Laura Conway (U of Connecticut)
 Stephen Crain (U of Connecticut)

 6:30 Invited Talk David Dowty (Ohio State U)
 Adjunct-to-argument reanalysis
 in a model of grammar growth

 7:45 Party/Dinner

Sunday October 2

 9:00 Breakfast

 9:30 Quantification without qualification
 Stephen Crain (U of Connecticut)
 Laura Conway (U of Connecticut)
 Rosalind Thornton (U of Maryland)
 Carole Boster (U of Connecticut)

10:00 Placement and interpretation of negation in children's questions:
 A Production/Comprehension Asymmetry
 Rosalind Thornton (U of Maryland)

10:30 Learnability properties of sequential parameter setting
 Stefano Bertolo (Rutgers Univ)

11:00 Semantic verb types and the acquisition of verb movement in French
 Astrid Ferdinand (HIL / Leiden Univ)

11:30 Break

12:00 Invited talk Eve Clark (Stanford U)
 Thematic roles in acquisition: The case of "source"

 1:00 Closing remarks and FINIS

 Lunch and departure


 Determining preference for verb complements
 Marie Egan (U of South Carolina)
 A. Rene Schmauder (U of South Carolina)

 The development of two types of negation in child Korean
 Ho Han (U of South Carolina)
 Myung-Kwan Park (U of Connecticut)

 Semantic case and pragmatic case:
 Evidence from the acquisition of case marking in Korean
 Ki-seong Park (State Univ of New York, Buffalo)

Sponsored by the Linguistics Program and the College of Humanities and
Social Sciences at the University of South Carolina in conjunction with
the following departments: Anthropology, English, French & Classics,
Germanic, Slavic & Oriental Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, Spanish,
Italian & Portuguese, and Speech Pathology & Audiology.

Proceedings will be published by
Cornell University Working Papers in Linguistics

For registration and accommodation information, please write to
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