LINGUIST List 5.92

Wed 26 Jan 1994

FYI: FL LIST, CELTLING, On-line German corpora

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  1. , Expert Testimony - the Forensic Linguistics List
  2. Andrew H Carnie, Celtic Linguistics Mailing list
  3. Cyril Belica, On-line German Corpora available

Message 1: Expert Testimony - the Forensic Linguistics List

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 94 12:48
From: <>
Subject: Expert Testimony - the Forensic Linguistics List

Larry Horn's request for expert evidence prompts me to post this.
I send out a mailing over a year ago asking for responses from people
interested in setting up a Forensic Linguistics List, but there will
be new subscribers to Linguist who know nothing about it.

FL-LIST is now up and running, and although small it is international
and growing. People on it include linguists, lawyers, people
concerned with court translating and interpreting and other with a
general interest in language and the law. We circulate newspaper
reports from our own countries describing linguistic evidence in
court, and we discuss ideas and controversies about expert evidence
involving language. Areas like courtroom discourse are also covered.

To subscribe to FL-LIST, send a brief message to:


To post a message to the list, send it to:


There will be a new journal in the field appearing shortly - watch
this space for further details.

Sue Blackwell
Birmingham University Forensic Linguistics Group
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Message 2: Celtic Linguistics Mailing list

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 1994 10:26:09 Celtic Linguistics Mailing list
From: Andrew H Carnie <acarnieMIT.EDU>
Subject: Celtic Linguistics Mailing list

Michael Everson
School of Architecture, UCD; Richview, Clonskeagh; Dublin 14; E/ire
Phone: +353 1 706-2745 Fax: +353 1 283-8908 Home: +353 1 478-2597

Announcing a New (unmoderated) Email List:


 A list for the discussion of the theoretical
 linguistics of the Modern
 Celtic Languages

This new list is for the discussion of topics in the Syntax, Phonology,
Morphology and Phonetics of the Modern Celtic Languages, and for the
dissemination of information regarding new papers, conferences, and books
on Celtic Linguistics.

To subscribe or for more information please write to:
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Message 3: On-line German Corpora available

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 08:35:20 On-line German Corpora available
From: Cyril Belica <>
Subject: On-line German Corpora available

* On-line access to the 30 million collection of German corpora *
* at the Institut fuer deutsche Sprache, Mannheim (IDS), Germany *
* is now available for non-profit institutions. *
* *
* The collection contains lemmatized written and spoken German *
* texts including literature, novelettes, scientific texts, *
* dialogues, interviews, autobiographies, magazines and newspapers.*
* *
* To run the demo version (full text access, no file transfer, no *
* user-specific environment, access time limited to 30 minutes per *
* session) of the COSMAS retrieval software in Mannheim: *
* *
* $telnet IDSserver.IDS-Mannheim.DE *
* login: cosmas-demo *
* Password: *
* *
* The software runs e.g. on vt100(-emulated) terminals using the *
* German version of the ISO-646 for keyboard and display coding. *
* Further details (on permanent access, contact persons, ...) are *
* given in the demo version. *
* *
* Cyril Belica (BelicaIDS-Mannheim.DE) *
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