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Fri 02 Sep 1994

FYI: New.Journal.on.Lexicology, Southeast Asian Language Group

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  1. "H.-J. Sasse", New.Journal.on.Lexicology (fwd)
  2. Gwyn Williams, Southeast Asian Language Interest Group

Message 1: New.Journal.on.Lexicology (fwd)

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 16:06:38 New.Journal.on.Lexicology (fwd)
From: "H.-J. Sasse" <am000rs1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE>
Subject: New.Journal.on.Lexicology (fwd)

 ***************ANNOUNCING A NEW JOURNAL***************

 We are happy to inform you that a new journal

 -An International Journal on the Structure of
 the Vocabulary-

 was founded by DE GRUYTER (Berlin - New York).

 Peter Rolf Lutzeier, Guildford (Managing Editor)
 Dmitrij Dobrovol'skij, Moscow
 Adrienne Lehrer, Tucson
 Hans-Juergen Sasse, Koeln

 Advisory Board:
 Anatolij Baranov, Moscow - Volker Beeh, Duesseldorf -
 Leila Behrens, Cologne/Munich - Alan Cruse, Manchester
 - Gertrud Greciano, Strasbourg -Franz Hundsnurscher,
 Muenster - Michael Job, Marburg - Jurij Karaulov, Moscow,
 and others.

 - Theory and Practice of Vocabulary Structure in Natural
 - The Mental Lexicon
 - The Lexicon in Grammatical Theory
 - The Lexicon in Computational Linguistics
 - History and Methodology of Lexicology
 - Reviews (in each issue)
 - Info section: reports on important conferences, work-
 shops, etc.

 "LEXICOLOGY" provides the missing forum for studies on
 the nature and structure of words and vocabularies. It
 publishes papers on theoretical issues as well as on
 lexical data and aims to promote research in this core
 area of linguistics.

 2 issues per volume. First issue planned for spring/
 summer 1995.


 As a multilingual journal LEXICOLOGY invites contribu-
 tions in German, English or French. Authors are re-
 quested to send four copies of their manuscript to
 (as of January 1, 1995):

 Professor Dr. Peter R. Lutzeier
 Department of Linguistic & International Studies
 University of Surrey
 Guildford, Surrey GU2 5XH

 Manuscripts are not returnable and authors are ad-
 vised to keep a copy for reference. Manuscripts must
 be accompanied by an abstract in not more than 100
 words in one of the other languages for publication.
 Preferably in English if the manuscript is not in Eng-
 lish. Manuscripts not written in the first language
 of the author must be accompanied at the time of han-
 ding in by a statement to the effect that it was
 thoroughly checked.

 Orders may be directed to Walter de Gruyter, Berlin.

 For further information please contact Hans-Juergen
 Sasse, Universitaet zu Koeln, Institut fuer Sprach-
 wissenschaft, D-50923 Koeln, Germany.
 Fax: +49-221-470 51 58


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Message 2: Southeast Asian Language Interest Group

Date: Fri, 2 Sep 1994 19:38:35 +Southeast Asian Language Interest Group
From: Gwyn Williams <>
Subject: Southeast Asian Language Interest Group

 Here in Bangkok we will be setting up a mailing list on SEA languages.

 Please mail me if you are interested. We would like to work out the scope
of the mailing list.

Mr. Gwyn Williams <>
Department of Linguistics
Thammasat University
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