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Mon 05 Sep 1994

FYI: Hypertext generative grammar glossary available

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Message 1: generative grammar glossary

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 1994 20:19 EDTgenerative grammar glossary
Subject: generative grammar glossary

 Recently, a number of people posted requests for help with getting up to
speed on recent developments in syntactical theory. In an attempt to do the
same I have compiled a hypertext glossary system, in hopes of gaining for
myself an understanding of the terminology and concepts of generative grammar
from the late 1980's to the present. The system is interactive, comments can
be added and tied to particular terms, corrections made, etc. It is simple to
use and self-contained. All the executable files are shareware or freeware.
 As this was an exercise in autodidacticism, I make absolutely no claims
for inclusivity, bias, or accuracy. I simply offer it as work that I have done
that others may find useful. If there is any response, I would gladly consider
updating it to make it more of a community resource. The details of how to
send your comments are in the system.
 The file is a self-extracting archive file (.arc). To run it once you
have downloaded it as a binary file to an empty directory on your pc, simply
type "gramglos". This will automatically unpack it. you can then delete or
make a backup copy of "gramglos.exe" to remove it from the directory--you don't
have to, but it just takes up space once you have unpacked it. To enter the
glossary once you have unpacked it, type "HYGEN"--which is the name of the
shareware hypertext driver. It will put you into the first page of the
glossary system, where directions (very simple) and the glossary await. The
program will run fast on anything from an 8088 up. Older computers may run the
editor a bit slowly, but the reading is nearly instant. A dual floppy system
might be able to run it, but only with some fiddling--the preferred minimum is
an empty directory in a hard drive. There is one minor bug in this verion.
The glossary jumps do not always exactly hit their target. To get to the
target, press F5 and scroll down to the entry. If I update the system, this
will be corrected.
 I forwarded a uuencoded version of the file to the LINGUIST. Uudecode
the file;then, download the resulting file, gramglos.exe in binary format to
any empty directory on a pc, it is ready to unpack by simply typing
"gramglos." The other is a uuencoded ascii file. Retrieve it to your
net account and then run uudecode on it to restore it to a binary file
before downloading it to your pc.
 Enjoy! And please let me know what you think of it if you can.
 Rich Rath
 Brandeis University
 bitnet: rathbrandeis

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