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Wed 07 Sep 1994

FYI: Films, English Constraint Grammar Server, ENDANGERED-L

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  1. "George Miller", Films on Human Language
  2. Atro Voutilainen, English Constraint Grammar Server
  3. Mari Rhydwen, ENDANGERED-L

Message 1: Films on Human Language

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 94 14:37:16 EDTFilms on Human Language
From: "George Miller" <geoclarity.Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Films on Human Language


 Gene Searchinger, the master filmmaker, has just
announced the availability of three excellent 55-minute
films on language. The films have been six years in the
making and include distinguished students of language with a
wide variety of interests and points of view. The style is
entertaining without patronizing the viewer, and succeeds in
presenting language in a way that the printed page never

 Part One is entitled "Discovering the Human Language";
Part Two is "Acquiring the Human Language"; Part Three is
"The Human Language Evolves".

 The films should be useful and important teaching aids
in a variety of disciplines: linguistics, psychology,
English, humanities, philosophy, anthropology, sociology,
cognitive science, behavioral science, social science, child
development, education, intellectual history, and all the
language arts. No other teaching resource like this exists.

 Brochures describing the films are in the mail; if
yours fails to arrive, you can request one by writing to:

 Ways of Knowing, Inc./Equinox Films
 200 West 72nd Street,
 New York, NY 10023
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Message 2: English Constraint Grammar Server

Date: Wed, 7 Sep 94 11:16:32 +03English Constraint Grammar Server
From: Atro Voutilainen <>
Subject: English Constraint Grammar Server

 ** English Constraint Grammar Server is accessible again **

Due to certain hardware problems, the ENGCG server was down for the
last month or two, as some of you may have noticed. Now the system can
be tested again via e-mail. You'll get sample analyses of your texts
of up to 300 words at a time, at POS or shallow syntactic level,
by sending your text to and inserting the word
"syntax" on the "Subject:" line. You'll also get more information on
how to use and acquire the system. Finally, a sample analysis of this
sentence fragment, with some explanation.

 "final" <*> <DER:ly> ADV ADVL ;; adverbial
 "a" <Indef> DET CENTRAL ART SG DN> ;; determiner
 "sample" N NOM SG NN> ;; noun as a premodifier
 "analysis" N NOM SG NPHR ;; nominal head (in a sentence
"<of>" ;; fragment)
 "of" PREP <NOM-OF ;; postmodifying "of" phrase
 "sentence" N NOM SG NN>
 "fragment" N NOM SG <P ;; preposition complement
 "with" PREP ADVL ;; PP as adverbial
 "some" <Quant> DET CENTRAL SG/PL QN>
 "explanation" N NOM SG <P

-- Atro Voutilainen

Atro Voutilainen (Internet)
Dept. of General Linguistics +358 0 191 3507 (office)
P.O. Box 4 +358 0 416 460 (home)
FIN-00014 Univ. of Helsinki, Finland +358 0 191 3598 (fax)

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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 12:40:22 +ENDANGERED-L
From: Mari Rhydwen <>

Announcing the Endangered-Languages-L electronic forum at ANU

The ENDANGERED-LANGUAGES-L Forum was established on to provide a world-wide communications
vehicle and a central electronic archive for anyone working on, or
interested in, the study and documentation of disappearing or
endangered languages. Transactions of the Forum are archived in the
WAIS dbase "ANU-Endangered-Languages-L"

The forum was created on the 7 Sep 1994 on the joint initiative of
the Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences &
Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, and Dr Mari
Rhydwen <>, Graduate School of
Education, University of Western Australia.

to join (subscribe to) the forum send e-mail
message: subscribe Endangered-Languages-L <your e-mail address>

GOPHER ACCESS to the ANU-Endangered-Languages-L dbase:
Name=Search the "ANU-Endangered-Languages-L" database

WWW ACCESS to the ANU-Endangered-Languages-L dbase:

- with many regards -

Dr T. Matthew CIOLEK
ANU Social Sciences Information Systems Administrator,
Coombs Computing Unit, Research School of Social Sciences,
Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia
ph +61 (0)6 249 0110 fax: +61 (0)6 257 1893

Dr Mari Rhydwen, Tel:09 380 2431
Graduate School of Education,
The University of Western Australia, Fax:09 380 1052
Perth, 6009,
Western Australia.
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