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Mon Jul 31 1995

Sum: Portugese

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  1. "billy clark", Sum: Portugese

Message 1: Sum: Portugese

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 11:58:25 Sum: Portugese
From: "billy clark" <>
Subject: Sum: Portugese

Here is a summary of the responses I received to my recent request
for references on Portuguese language and linguistics (comments in
brackets are simply a selection of those made by various respondents).

Thanks to the respondents:

Bas Aarts, Carlos Ferreira, Manuel Forcadela, Carlos Gouveia, Rafael
Humberto Scapin, Frank van der Leeuw, Joana van der Leeuw, Stephen

For a GENERAL OVERVIEW see the chapter by Stephen Parkinson in:

M. Harris & N, Vincent (eds.) (1988) "The Romance Languages" Croom
Helm/ Routledge, London.


Celso Cunha and Luis Filipe Lindley Cintra (1984) "Nova Gramatica do
Portugues Contemporaneo" Nova Fronteira, Rio/J.Sa da Costa, Lisbon.
(The standard reference grammar in Portuguese. There's also an
abridged version published by the same editor: "Breve Gramatica do
Portugues Contemporaneo").

Hans Jurgen Heringer & Jose Pinto de Lima (1987) "Palavra Puxa
Palavra: Comunicacao e Gramatica Dependencial" ICALP, Ministerio
da Educacao e Cultura, Lisbon.
(Not a reference grammar in the ordinary sense of the word, but a
good reflection on the structure and use of Portuguese).

Maria Helena Mira Mateus et. al. (1989) "Gramatica da Lingua
Portuguesa" Caminho, Lisbon. (2nd ed.).
(The best linguistic handbook. There's now a 3rd ed. by the same
publisher but I didn't find out the date).

Paul Teyssier "Manuel de Langue Portugaise" Editions Klincksiek.
(In French, a general, good and reliable description of contemporary

Pilar Vazquez Cuesta y Maria Albertina Mendez da Luz (1971)
"Gramatica Portuguesa" Biblioteca Romanica Hispanica, Editorial
Gredos, S.A., Madrid.
(In Spanish, originally intended for students of Portuguese as a
foreign language).

Pilar Vasquez Cuesta & Maria Albertina Mendez da Luz "Gramatica da
Lingua Portuguesa" Edicoes 70, Lisbon. (Portuguese translation of the


Carlos Gouveia et al (eds.) (forthcoming 1995) "Introducao a
Linguistica Geral e Portuguesa" Caminho, Lisbon.

At a more elementary level, Universidade Aberta publish a range of
books on Portuguese, including:

M.H.M. Mateus et al "Fonetica, Fonologia e Morfologia"
H.H.C. Campos & M.F. Xavier "Sintaxe e Semantica"
Ivo Castro "Curso de Historia da Lingua Portuguesa"


Rodrigo de Sa Nogueira (1932) "Curso de Filologia Portuguesa" Lisboa.

Serafim da Silva Neto (1957) "Manual de Filologia Portuguesa" Sao

Serafim da Silva Neto "Historia da Lingua Portuguesa", Editora
Presenta, Rio de Janeiro.

Paul Teyssier "Historia da Lingua Portuguesa" J. Sa da
Costa, Lisbon.
(The most accessible history of the language, an expanded
Portuguese version of a book originally written in French).

Edwin Bucher Williams (1938) "From Latin to Portuguese: Historical
Phonology and Morphology of the Portuguese Language" University
of Pennsylvania Press, PA and OUP, Oxford.
(Also published in (Brazilian) Portuguese: "Do Latim ao Portugues"
Edicoes Tempo Brasileiro LTDA, Biblioteca Tempo Universitario 37
(1961), Rio de Janeiro.)
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