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Tue Aug 1 1995

Confs: Workshop on lg variation and ling theory

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  1. Frans Hinskens, program int.l workshop on L variation & L theory

Message 1: program int.l workshop on L variation & L theory

Date: Tue, 01 Aug 1995 18:20:27 program int.l workshop on L variation & L theory
From: Frans Hinskens <>
Subject: program int.l workshop on L variation & L theory

 International workshop on Language variation and linguistic theory
 September 3, 4 and 5, 1995
 University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands


 Sunday September 3

 Theme#1 The theses 'There can be no progress in the study of
 language variation without formal linguistic theory'
 'There can be no progress in formal linguistic theory
 without the study of language variation'
 09:15-10:00 G. Docherty, P. Foulkes, J. Milroy, L. Milroy
 (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
 What is a phonological fact? The relation between
 theory and data
 10:00-10:45 S. Rose (McGill University)
 Stem modification and dialect variation: the
 contribution of historical change
 10:45-11:15 Break (coffee; tea)
 11:15-12:30 invited speaker: W. Labov (University of Pennsylvania)
 Some problems in the use of discrete categories to
 account for gradient phenomena
 commentator: A. Cutler (Max Planck Institut fuer
 Psycholinguistik, Nijmegen)

 12.30-14:15 Lunch

 Theme#2 Is there a need for a new conceptual framework?
 14:15-15:00 B. Connell (University of Oxford)
 The phonological representation of upstream
 15:00-15:45 G. Guy (York University, Toronto)
 Competence, performance, and the generative grammar
 of variation
 15:45-16:15 Break (coffee; tea)
 16:15-17.30 invited speaker: P. Auer (University of Hamburg)
 Restrictions of co-occurrence between linguistic
 variables. A neglected area in variation studies
 and its relevance to social dialectology and
 phonological theory
 commentator: J. Schoonenboom (University of Utrecht)

 Monday September 4

 Theme#3 Which issues can and should, and which issues cannot
 and should not be studied in the interface between
 The study of language variation and phonological
 09:15-10:00 H. Devonish (University of the West Indies, Mona,
 Jamaica) & E. Thomas (Stanford University)
 What is a language variety? Is it invariant?
 10:00-10:45 M. van Oostendorp (University of Tilburg)
 Style registers in conflict resolution
 10:45-11:15 Break (coffee; tea)
 11:15-12:30 invited speaker: M.-R. Lloret (University of Barcelona)
 When does variability become relevant to formal
 linguistic theory?
 commentator: B. Hermans (University of Tilburg)

 12.30-14:15 Lunch

 Theme#4 Which methods are appropriate for such interdisciplinary
 14:15-15:00 J. Myers (University of New York at Buffalo)
 The categorical and gradient phonology of variable
 t-deletion in English
 15:00-15:45 P. Kerswill (University of Reading)
 Phonological convergence in dialect contact:
 evidence from citation forms
 15:45-16:15 Break (coffee; tea)
 16:15-17.30 invited speaker: H. Cedergren (Universite du Quebec
 a Montreal)
 Accounting for the multidimensionality of
 phonological variation
 commentator: P. Gilles (University of Heidelberg)

 Tuesday September 5

 Theme#5 Cause and 'actuation', linguistic constraints and
 internal spread ('embedding') of a linguistic change
 09:15-10:00 K. Zubritskaya (University of Pennsylvania)
 Markedness in OT and the 'spread' of linguistic
 10:00-10:45 T. Borowsky, B. Horvath (University of Sydney)
 L-vocalization in Australian English: a study of
 change in progress
 10:45-11:15 Break (coffee; tea)
 11:15-12:30 invited speaker: A. McMahon (University of Cambridge)
 Causes and constraints: on the (in)compatibility of
 phonological theory and sound change
 commentator: M. Ehala (Tallinn Pedagogical

 12.30-14:15 Lunch

 Theme#6 Possible and impossible processes of linguistic change
 14:15-15:00 A. Anttila (Stanford University)
 How to derive variation from grammar
 15:00-15:45 N. Smith (University of Amsterdam)
 Shrinking and hopping vowels in Northern Cape York
 15:45-16:15 Break (coffee; tea)
 16:15-17.30 invited speaker: P. Kiparsky (Stanford University)
 (Title to be announced)
 commentator: L. Wetzels (Free University,

 ORGANIZERS: Frans Hinskens, Univerisyt of Nijmegen, The
 e-mail: U218006HNYKUN11
 Roeland van Hout, University of Tilburg, The


 The registration fee is NLG 200 / 100 for PhD-students;
 NLG 60 / 30 for a single day; coffee, tea and lunches included.
 For information regarding registration, please contact:
 Ms. Jacqueline Berns, Bureau Congresorganisatie KUN,
 P.O. Box 9111, 6500 HN Nijmegen, The Netherlands,
 e-mail:, fax: +31-80-567956

 Hotel accommodation has been reserved. Special prices have
 been arranged; reservations can only be made through the
 congres agency (Jacqueline Berns, Bureau Congresorganisatie KUN,
 e-mail:, fax: +31-80-567956); please mention
 category and room type (single or double). Please note that
 accommodation should be paid for at the hotel as you check out.
 In case of no show you will receive a bill for the first night.
 Category 1 single NLG 150 double NLG 180
 Category 2 single NLG 90 double NLG 125
 Category 3 NLG 65 per person
 Category 4 NLG 50 per person
 Prices include breakfast. Note that the hotels in category 4 have
 no private bath or shower

 Travel information
 Nijmegen can be reached comfortably from Amsterdam airport
 ('Schiphol'), the major Dutch airport, by an excellent rail service.
 The train journey takes about 90 minutes. You will be sent more
 detailed information after registration.

 Local transportation
 For participants at the workshop special bus tickets are available
 for the price of NLG 1, 75. This ticket is valid for all local
 from Saturday September 2 until late night Tuesday September 5.
 You can order a ticket along with your registration.

 Cancellations for the workshop must be notified in writing.
 Those received after August 15, 1995, will be subject to an
 administration charge of NLG 50.

 During the workshop you may be contacted via
 phone number +31-80-616135 (registration desk).

 please contact Ms. Jacqueline Berns, Bureau Congresorganisatie KUN,
 P.O. Box 9111, 6500 HN Nijmegen, The Netherlands,
 e-mail:, fax:+31-80-567956.
 Please send your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
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