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Sun Aug 13 1995

Disc: Sex/Lang: Limits of debate?

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  1. , Disc. sex and language

Message 1: Disc. sex and language

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 13:03:38 Disc. sex and language
From: <>
Subject: Disc. sex and language

Dear subscribers:
To help in discussing "sex and language", I would like some feedback on were
(if anyplace at all) we should impose limits on words and ideas -- ie, impose
on ourselves benign self-censorship. That talking "about" taboo words and
ideas is different from using them in their colloquial variations is a simple
distinction. I have always felt that academia has been dishonest for lack of
forthrightness in dealing with socio/psycho/sexual matters. Are there any
topics that we can not talk about, and because we can not talk about them,
you are unable to say what they are?

Should, for example "jerk" or "female" be exluded because some of us might be
offended, others potentially tittilated, by the ultimate body part references
in their historical etymologies? Please help, what are the limits of language
in this forum in the discussion of "sex and language". What do you think
should be and not be off limits? What part does political correctness play?
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