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Calls: ICSLP 96

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  1. "Tim Bunnell", ICSLP 96

Message 1: ICSLP 96

Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 16:46:55 ICSLP 96
From: "Tim Bunnell" <>
Subject: ICSLP 96

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 Fourth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing


 October 3-6, 1996

 Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel

 Philadelphia, PA, USA


 __________ICSLP 96 Organizers___________

 H. Timothy Bunnell, Chair
 Richard A. Foulds, Vice-Chair
 Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories
 Wilmington, DE, USA



 ICSLP unites researchers, developers, and clinicians for an exchange
 on a wide variety of topics related to the spoken language processing
 of humans and machines. Conference presentations range from basic
 acoustic phonetic research to clinically oriented speech training
 devices to speech-based natural language interfaces for man-machine
 interaction. ICSLP 96 will feature technical sessions of both oral
 and poster format, plenary talks, commercial exhibits, and daily
 special sessions. In addition, satellite workshops will be held in
 conjunction with the conference in the areas of interactive voice
 technology, spoken dialogue, speech databases and speech I/O, and
 gestures and speech. A new emphasis for ICSLP 96 will be on the
 clinical applications of speech technology, including the use of
 speech technology based applications for persons with disabilities.

 _________________________Conference Update_________________________8/10/95

 Dates to Note:

 January 15, 1996 - Paper abstracts due for review
 March 15, 1996 - Acceptance notification
 May 1, 1996 - Deadline for papers (camera-ready, 4 pages)

 Prospective authors are invited to submit papers relevant to spoken
 language processing in any of the conference Technical Areas.
 Abstracts of proposed papers must be received by the ICSLP 96
 Organizing Committee no later than January 15, 1996. Papers will be
 selected by the ICSLP 96 Technical Program Committee and assigned for
 presentation in poster or oral format. English is the working language
 for the conference. Submission of an abstract implies a commitment to
 submit a four page, camera-ready version of the paper and to present
 the paper in either an oral or poster session if the abstract is
 accepted. Participants will be expected to pay their own registration
 fees, travel, and accommodations for ICSLP 96.

 _____________________Submission of Abstracts____________________________

 Abstracts must be received by the ICSLP 96 Organizing Committee no
 later than January 15, 1996. Abstracts may be submitted either by post
 or by e-mail following these guidelines:

 + One page, 400 word maximum
 + Technical Area(s) indicated in order of preference
 using the codes (A - X) below.
 + Title of the proposed paper clearly indicated
 + Preference for paper or poster clearly indicated
 + If sent by post, submit four (4) copies of the abstract
 + If sent by e-mail, use plain text (ASCII) format only

 Each abstract must also include the following contact information:

 + Author name(s)*
 + Postal mailing address
 + Phone number
 + Fax number
 + E-mail address

 E-mailed abstracts will be acknowledged by e-mail within 48
 hours of submission. If you do not receive e-mail
 confirmation, we have not received your abstract! Please
 check the e-mail address and resubmit. Please do not e-mail
 multiple copies for any other reason.

 *Please be sure that the primary contact person is noted if it is
 someone other than the First Author.

 Mail or send abstracts to:

 Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories
 A.I. duPont Institute
 P.O. Box 269
 Wilmington, DE 19899

 ________________________Technical Areas___________________________________

 A. Production of spoken language
 B. Perception of spoken language
 C. Robust speech modeling and speech enhancement
 D. Speech coding and transmission
 E. Automatic speech recognition
 F. Spoken language processing for special populations
 G. Phonetics and phonology
 H. Spoken discourse analysis/synthesis
 I. Synthesis of spoken language
 J. Applications for people with speech/language/hearing
 K. Databases and standards for speech technology
 L. Prosody of spoken language
 M. Speech analysis and parameterization
 N. Spoken language acquisition/learning
 O. Integrating spoken language and natural language processing
 P. Hardware for speech processing
 Q. Neural networks and stochastic modeling of spoken language
 R. Dialects and speaking styles
 S. Instructional technology for spoken language
 T. Speaker/language identification and verification
 U. Human factors and assessment in spoken language applications
 V. Spoken language dialogue and conversation
 W. Gesture and Multimodal Spoken Language Processing
 X. Other

 ________________________Satellite Workshops________________________________

 The following Satellite Workshops will be held immediately before or
 after the ICSLP 96 conference.

 1. IVTTA -

 The 3rd IEEE workshop on Interactive Voice Technology for
 Telecommunications Applications (IVTTA) will be held at the AT&T
 Learning Center, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, from September 30 -
 October 1, 1996. The IVTTA workshop brings together applications
 researchers planning to conduct or who have recently conducted field
 trials of new applications of speech technologies. Due to workshop
 facility constraints, attendance will be limited primarily to
 contributors. For further information about the workshop, contact:

 Dr. Murray Spiegel
 445 South Street
 Morristown, NJ, USA
 Phone: 1-201-829-4519; Fax: 1-201-829-5963

 Submit abstracts (400 words, maximum 1 page) before April 1, 1996 to:

 Dr. David Roe
 AT&T Bell Laboratories, Room 2D-533
 Murray Hill, NJ 07974
 Phone: 908 582-2548; Fax: 908 582-3306

 2. ISSD-96

 The 1996 International Symposium on Spoken Dialogue (ISSD-96) will be
 held on October 2 and 3 at the venue of ICSLP 96. It is intended to be
 a forum of interdisciplinary exchange between researchers working on
 spoken dialogues from various points of view. The first day is devoted
 to invited lectures followed by sessions of both invited and
 contributed papers, which will be continued on the second day as
 special sessions of ICSLP 96. Papers submitted to ICSLP 96 (Technical
 Areas H,L,O,U,&V) may be selected for presentation at the
 symposium. For further information about the symposium, contact:

 Prof. Hiroya Fujisaki, Chairman, ISSD-96
 Dept. of Applied Electronics
 Science University of Tokyo
 2641 Yamazaki, Noda, 278 Japan
 Phone: +81-471-23-4327; Fax: +81-471-22-9195

 3. COCOSDA Workshop 96

 COCOSDA Workshop 96 will be held on Monday, October 7 at the Wyndham
 Franklin Plaza Hotel. The International Coordinating Committee on
 Speech Databases and Speech I/O Systems Assessment (COCOSDA) has been
 established to promote international cooperation in the fundamental
 areas of Spoken Language Engineering. Previous meetings have taken
 place in Banff 1992, Berlin 1993, Yokohama 1994 and Madrid
 1995. Program and registration information for COCOSDA 96 will be
 forthcoming in later announcements. For more information about
 COCOSDA, consult the Web Page at

 4. Workshop on Gesture and Speech

 The Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories of the University of
 Delaware will host a Workshop on Multimodal use of Gesture and Speech
 October 7 - 8, 1996. This Workshop will consider the integration of
 gesture and spoken language in intelligent human/computer interfaces,
 in advanced assisitve technology for individuals with disabilities, in
 telemanipulation and robotics systems, and in human
 conversation. Gestures including hand postures, dynamic arm movements,
 facial expression, and eye gaze will be considered along with more
 traditional lip shapes and handwriting movements. For further
 information, contact:

 Dr. Lynn Messing
 A. I. duPont Institute
 P.O. Box 269
 Wilmington, DE 19899
 Phone: +1 302 651 6830; Fax: +1-302-651-6895

 ______________Sponsoring and Cooperating Organizations________________________

 The Acoustical Society of America
 American Speech and Hearing Association (Pending)
 The Acoustical Society of Japan
 Canadian Acoustical Association
 European Speech Communication Association
 IEEE Signal Processing Society
 International Phonetic Association
 Others - contact ICSLP 96.

 ______________For more information, contact___________________________________

 Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories
 A.I. duPont Institute
 P.O. Box 269
 Wilmington, DE 19899
 Phone: +1 302 651 6830
 TDD: +1 302 651 6834
 Fax: +1 302 651 6895

 A two-page PostScript format copy of the most recent Conference
 Announcement and Call for Papers can also be obtained by anonyomus
 ftp. Connect to host, cd to directory pub/ICSLP96,
 and get in binary mode. The file must be uncompressed with a
 unix compatable uncompress program before being printed. This plain
 text version of the announcement is located in the same directory as
 file call.txt

 _______________________International Advisory Board__________________________

 Hiroya Fujisaki
 Science University of Tokyo
 Tokyo, Japan

 Jens Blauert John Ohala
 Ruhr-Universitat Bochum University of California
 Bochum, Germany Berkeley, CA, USA

 Anne Cutler Lawrence Rabiner
 Max Planck Institute for AT&T Bell Labs
 Psycholinguistics Murray Hill, NJ, USA
 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

 Gunnar Fant Katsuhiko Shirai
 Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Waseda University
 Stockholm, Sweden Tokyo, Japan

 John Laver Kenneth Stevens
 Humanities Research Board of Massachusetts Institute
 the British Academy of Technology
 Edinburgh, Scotland Cambridge, MA, USA

 Joseph Mariani Yoh'ichi Tohkura
 LIMSI-CNRS ATR Human Information
 Orsay, France Processing Research Lab
 Kyoto, Japan

 J. Bruce Millar Victor Zue
 Australian National University Massachusetts Institute
 Canberra, Australia of Technology
 Cambridge, MA, USA

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