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Thu Aug 24 1995

Disc: Kinship terms

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  1. "Carolyn L. Ostrander", Re: 6.1143, Disc: Kinship terms

Message 1: Re: 6.1143, Disc: Kinship terms

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 09:31:48 Re: 6.1143, Disc: Kinship terms
From: "Carolyn L. Ostrander" <>
Subject: Re: 6.1143, Disc: Kinship terms

I am not qualified to speak about English in general, but I have observed
that some of the argument is based on statements that are not universally
true. I don't know the source of the usage, but in my family we call
children by the same type of term about equally. That is, I am as likely
to yell "Daughter, you have a phone call" as "Son, get down the stairs
and do the dishes". Similarly, I use both terms to indicate closeness:
"Nice job, son", "Good one, daughter!". My husband has (I think) picked
it up from me, but my brother's family does this too.

Carolyn Ostrander
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