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Thu Aug 24 1995

Confs: ESCOL '95

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  1. Lindsay J. Whaley, ESCOL '95

Message 1: ESCOL '95

Date: 24 Aug 1995 13:23:13 EDT
From: Lindsay J. Whaley <Lindsay.J.WhaleyDartmouth.EDU>
Subject: ESCOL '95

*Preliminary program and registration information for ESCOL '95*

 Eastern States Conference on Linguistics
 (ESCOL '95)

 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, New Hampshire
 Novmember 3-5, 1995

Friday, November 3, 1995

Session I: Syntax
9:15 Korean A-Chains and the Chain Condition
 Kwangho Lee, University of Minnesota
9:45 Copy Raising in Igbo and the Theory of Feature-Checking
 Hiroyuki Ura, MIT
10:15 On the Necessity of a Cooperian Treatment of E-Type Pronouns
 Koji Hoshi, University of Rochester/MIT

Session II: Phonology
11:00 On Phonotactic Interactions: Loss of Directionality in Sanskrit
 Fumiko Kumashiro, University of California, San Diego
11:30 Underspecification and Parametric Variation in Fon Vowel Harmony
 Steven Gross, University of South Carolina
12:00 Absolute Neutralization and Underspecification in Hungarian Vowel
 Deborah Schmidt, University of Georgia

Session III: Syntax
2:30 Inverted Subjects in French, Nominative Case-Checking and Expletive pro
in Antisymmetric Minimalism
 J.M. de Wind, University of Amsterdam
3:00 Asymmetric Object Positions
 David Basilico, University of Alabama at Birmingham
3:30 A Constraint on A-Positions and the Projection Principle
 Lynn Nichols, Harvard University

Session IV: Discourse
4:30 NP-Internal Focus and Contextually Relevant Sets
 Mary Wu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
5:00 The Discourse Representation of Temporal 'Then'
 Ellen Thompson, University of Maryland
5:30 Implicature as Cognition
 Robert Knippen, University of Chicago

8:00 Invited Speaker: James McCawley, "An overview of the syntax of
'apposition' in English"
November 4, 1995

Session V: Semantics
9:00 The Ambiguity of Plural Individuals
 Eun-Joo Kwak, Brown University
9:30 An Indexical Account of 'Certain Ambiguities'
 Christopher Kennedy, University of California, Santa
10:00 Adicity, Causation, and Lexical Aspect
 Grace Song, Northwestern University
10:30 All Oppositions Are Not Equipollent: Privative Aspect Features
 Mari Broman Olsen, Northwestern University

11:15 Invited Speaker: Elizabeth Cowper, "Features of Tense"

Session VI: Syntax
2:15 On the Existence of Overt QR
 Keun-Won Sohn, University of Connecticut
2:45 Licensing Conditions for Sentential Subjects: Implications for a Theory
of Lexical Insertion
 William D. Davies, University of Iowa, and Stanley
Dubinsky, University of South Carolina
3:15 Replacing the CSC
 Ed Zoerner, University of California, Irvine

Session VII: Psycholinguistics
4:00 Phonological Influences on Conceptual and Syntactic Encoding
 Janet Rowe, University of Toronto
4:30 Systematic Biases in Syntactic Categorization
 Barbara Luka, University of Chicago
5:00 On the Relationship Between Gestures and Acoustic Aspects of Speech
 Shuichi Nobe, University of Chicago

Session VIII: Phonology
4:00 Syntactic Constraints on Intonational Phrasing
 Josef Taglicht, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
4:30 Feature Geometry, Spread Coronal, and Economy of Derivation
 Jeong-Seok Kim, University of Connecticut
5:00 Glottal Consonants and the 'Sonority' Hierarchy
 Donald G. Churma and Yili Shi, Ball State University

5:45 Invited Speaker: Kathryn Bock, "Producing Agreement"

7:00 PARTY
November 5, 1995

Session IX: Phonology
9:00 The Stress-Epenthesis Paradox in Arabic
 Samira Farwaneh, University of Utah
9:30 Variation as Optimality in Marshallese Word-Initial Geminates
 Chang-Kook Suh, University of Arizona
10:00 An OT Account of Length and Consonant Behavior in Italian
 Naomi Nagy, University of Pennsylvania, and Donna Jo
Napoli, Swarthmore College
10:30 Neutralization and Strengthening Processes in Korean
 Sechang Lee, University of Southern California

Session X: Syntax
9:00 The Matching Parameter and the pro-Drop Parameter
 Roumyana Izvorski, University of Pennsylvania
9:30 On the Derivation of Sluicing
 Milagrosa Ramos-Santacruz, Georgetown University
10:00 Null Case and Certain Differences Between French and English
 Zeljus Bosuovic, University of Connecticut
10:30 On Crossing A-Dependencies
 Eric Haeberli, University of Geneva

11:00 BREAK

11:15 Invited Speaker: Douglas Pulleyblank, To Be Announced

ESCOL '95 Pre-Registration Form

Please return to:
ESCOL '95 Registration
Program in Linguistics
6086 Reed
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Pre-Registration Deadline: September 15, 1995
(must be received by this date)

Late registrations will be charged the on-site fee. We regret that we are
unable to refund fees to registrants who cannot attend. The conference fee
includes entrance to all sessions, a registration packet, breakfast and coffee
breaks, and admission to the ESCOL '95 banquet/party.


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