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Thu Sep 7 1995

Confs: Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop

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  1. Beatrice Santorini, schedule for comparative germanic syntax workshop 11

Message 1: schedule for comparative germanic syntax workshop 11

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 1995 08:58:51 schedule for comparative germanic syntax workshop 11
From: Beatrice Santorini <>
Subject: schedule for comparative germanic syntax workshop 11


 Rutgers University, November 3-4, 1995

November 3, Friday - Student Center

9:15 Opening Remarks

9:30 "C-Subject (Non-)Adjacency in the Germanic Languages", Eric Haeberli,
University of Geneva

10:20 "Definiteness, Case and the Licensing of Possessors", Goerel
Sandstroem, University of Umeaa and Anders Holmberg, University of Tromsoe

11:10 Coffee Break

11:30 "The Optionality of Particle Shift", Peter Svenonius, University of

12:20 Lunch

2:00 "Predicate Inversion in Nominal Phrases", Hans Bennis, HIL Leiden,
Norbert Corver, CLS Tilburg and Marcel den Dikken, HIL Amsterdam

2:50 "Are There V2 Relative Clauses in German?", Hans-Martin Gaertner,
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft - Berlin

3:40 Coffee Break

4:10 "Optimal Questions", Peter Ackema and Ad Neeleman, OTS Utrecht

5:00 "Partial Wh-movement and Optimality", Gereon Mueller, University of

8:30 Party, Winants Hall

November 4, Saturday - Brower Common

9:45 "Aspects of the `Stem Construction' in Yiddish", Molly Diesing,
Cornell University

10:35 Coffee break

10:50 "Primitives of Pronominal Anaphora: Acquisition Evidence from Dutch",
William Phillip and Peter Coopmans, Research Institute for Language and
Speech, Utrecht University

11:40 "Pseudo-Reciprocity", William Phillip and Martin Everaert, Research
Institute for Language and Speech, Utrecht University

12:30 Lunch

2:00 "Negation Positions as Word Order Triggers in Older West Germanic",
Ans van Kemenade, Vrije Universiteit (HIL)

2:50 Coffee Break

3:05 "`Passive' Infinitives and the licensing of pro-Subjects", Marga
Petter, Vrije Universiteit (HIL)

3:55 "SVO and EPP in Null Subject Languages and Germanic", Artemis Alexiadou,
Berlin and Elena Anagnostopoulou, University of Tilburg

4:45 Coffee Break

5:00 "Pronoun Clustering and Adjacency Effects: A Comparative Study of
German and Hebrew", Christopher Laenzlinger and Ur Shlonsky, University
of Geneva

5:50 "Free Agr! Parameterization in Germanic Morphosyntax", Jonathan
Bobaljik, Harvard University/McGill University


"Morphological Case without Functional Projections", Regina Moorcroft,
Cornell University

"The Use of Articles in Old English Prose", Paola Crisma, University of

"On the Status and Position of PPs inside APs in Dutch", Jan-Wouter Zwart,
University of Groningen

For further information about the XIth CGSW meeting, contact Ken Safir
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