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Thu Sep 14 1995

FYI: New Lists, SED Volumes

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  1. Robert Dale, New Mailing List: NLP in Australasia
  2. Charles F Juengling, SED Volumes
  3. Anthea Tillyer, TESL-L list

Message 1: New Mailing List: NLP in Australasia

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 10:53:40 New Mailing List: NLP in Australasia
From: Robert Dale <>
Subject: New Mailing List: NLP in Australasia

We're pleased to announce the setting up of the NLANZ-L mailing list.
NLANZ-L --- it stands for "Natural Language in Australia and New
Zealand" --- is intended to serve as a discussion forum for NLP-related
matters in Australia and New Zealand, and to provide a way of
increasing the bandwidth of communication between researchers in
Australia and New Zealand who are interested in natural language processing.

To sign up to NLANZ-L, just send a message to

with the following body text

 subscribe NLANZ-L Your Name

Please forward this message to anyone you think might be interested.

Robert Dale, for the NLP Research Unit at the Microsoft Institute
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Message 2: SED Volumes

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 13:15:17 SED Volumes
From: Charles F Juengling <>
Subject: SED Volumes

I have been in contact with Dr. David Parry of the English Department of
the University College, Swansea, Wales. He reports that he has
"literally hundreds of copies" of the Survey of English Dialects West
Midlands 1 & 2 and East Midlands 2 & 3. Dr. Parry, who was a
fieldworker for the SED, is retiring soon and would like these books to
find good homes, rather than being simply dumped. He is willing to GIVE
away the volumes in return for postage, which ran around 15 pounds when
I got the volumes earlier this year. He can be reached at:

Dr. David Parry, Department of English
University College, Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PP, Great Britain

Here is an opportunity to pickup for yourself or your school library
several volumes of the SED at a very good price. Dr. Parry is eager to
have this information passed on to anyone who might be interested.
My apologies to those who may have read this message on another list.
Fritz Juengling
Program Germanic Philology
U of MN
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Message 3: TESL-L list

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 22:55:22 TESL-L list
From: Anthea Tillyer <ABTHCCUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
Subject: TESL-L list

 TESL-L, its branches, and its archives

 Teachers and researchers of English as a second or foreign language will be
interested in the TESL-L list (Teachers of English as a second language), which
focuses on classroom issues related to TESL/TEFL. TESL-L is a moderated list,
with 8300 members in 87 countries.
 The TESL-L project also includes 7 "branches" or sub-lists, each of which
focuses on a particular aspect or special interest area of the TESL/TEFL field.
For example, there is a TESL-L branch that focuses on the use of computers
and technology in TESL/TEFL. The branch is a large list (2300 members) in
its own right. Another popular TESL-L branch is the one that focuses on
jobs and employment issues. It has 2300 members also.

In addition to the main list and the TESL-L branches (which are not moderated)
TESL-L has an extensive archive of online materials on the subject of
TESL/TEFL and related topics, all available to TESL-L members.

To join TESL-L, send an email message to LISTSERVCUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

As the body of the message, simply type 4 words:

 SUB TESL-L first-name last-name
Example: Sub TESL-L Genghis Khan

After LISTSERV receives and enters your subscription, it will send you
an acknowledgement and a lengthy "Welcome message" detailing how to join
branches and use the archives.

Come and join us!

Anthea Tillyer
City University of New York
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