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Fri Sep 22 1995

FYI: Synthinar series, E-mail addr nameserver, URL for ILG

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  1. Steven Schaufele, SYNTHINAR revives from estivation
  2. Norval Smith, LINGUIST Nameserver Announcement
  3. "Xulio C. Sousa Fernandez", ILG Page on the Web

Message 1: SYNTHINAR revives from estivation

Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 20:40:07 SYNTHINAR revives from estivation
From: Steven Schaufele <>
Subject: SYNTHINAR revives from estivation

A year ago, i began offering to interested individuals via Internet a
series of short lectures on syntactic theory, which many have done me the
favour of saying they have found useful and rewarding in clarifying is-
sues. This series, which goes by the name of SYNTHINAR, has necessarily
had to slacken its pace in recent months, since so far from securing an
academic appointment that would allow me to spend my time teaching and
studying linguistics i have had to take a full-time job having virtually
nothing to do with linguistics and only tangentially related to academics
and scholarship. And during the past 2-3 months SYNTHINAR had to be shut
down almost completely, due not only to work pressures on myself (which
among other things deprive me of almost all access to hardware on campus)
but to hardware problems and the horrendously hot weather we have experi-
enced in this part of the US this summer, which since our house is not
air-conditioned resulted in additional hardware problems, at least for
the hardware in my home.

However, these hardware problems, at least, seem to be becoming a thing
of the past, and I am hereby announcing that as of this week SYNTHINAR is
revived. Those who are already on the mailing list can expect to start
receiving further `lecturettes' within in the next few days (if you don't
please let me know). Those who had themselves taken off the mailing list
due to relocation, if you're settled down with up-to-date e-mail addres-
ses you are welcome to sign on again. And at this time i want to invite
any new people who might be interested to get in touch with me.

So far, we have been discussing Chomskyan theory, variously known as GB,
REST, Principles & Parameters, Minimality.... I am not, however, a hard-
core proponent of any one framework of syntactic theory, but rather have
been devoting much of my research energies to a comparative study and eva-
luation of a variety of frameworks, and i hope before very long to begin
devoting SYNTHINAR lecturettes less exclusively to Chomskyan theory and
more to a variety of alternative theoretical approaches.

Any new participants in SYNTHINAR can receive from me copies of the 18
lecturettes and attendant discussions that were broadcast during the past
year. In addition, an attempt has been made to put these materials on
WWW. For further information on this, contact James K. Tauber,

- -------------------
Dr. Steven Schaufele
712 West Washington
Urbana, IL 61801

**** O syntagmata linguarum liberemini humanarum! ***
*** Nihil vestris privari nisi obicibus potestis! ***
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Message 2: LINGUIST Nameserver Announcement

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 1995 11:06:57 LINGUIST Nameserver Announcement
From: Norval Smith <>
Subject: LINGUIST Nameserver Announcement

Linguist Nameserver Announcement

The E-mail Address Nameserver for Linguists and related disciplines will
shortly be transferring to a new machine. For this reason we have stopped
effectuating address changes sent to Linguists. We are noting the address
changes of course, and when we transfer to the new machine sometime next
month, people will discover the changes they have been sending us to have
been effectuated.

Our present address is:

and our new address will be:

Commands that work at present are:


ADD surname, firstname: address

REMOVE surname, firstname: address

LIST surname/string*/*

The options will be expanded on the new machine. In particular a greater
use of wild cards (*) will be allowed. Leading, as well as trailing,
wild cards will be admitted. This will make it possible to query all
addresses of the form


giving a complete list of addresses in Holland, for instance.

Linguists querying the new server before the changeover (which we will
announce on the Linguist List) will discover a very out-of-date list of
addresses, which we have been using to test the program.

Norval Smith (Linguistics/University of Amsterdam)
Pieter Masereeuw (Arts Computing Centre/University of Amsterdam)
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Message 3: ILG Page on the Web

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 19:45:01 ILG Page on the Web
From: "Xulio C. Sousa Fernandez" <>
Subject: ILG Page on the Web

The Instituto da Lingua Galega at the University of Santiago de
Compostela is pleased to annouce that it now has a home page on the Web.
The URL is:

Come take a look.

Xulio Sousa.
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