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Sun Sep 24 1995

Sum: Tense/aspect expressed by particles

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  1. Gert Webelhuth, Summary of tense/aspect expressed by particles.

Message 1: Summary of tense/aspect expressed by particles.

Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 07:37:38 Summary of tense/aspect expressed by particles.
From: Gert Webelhuth <>
Subject: Summary of tense/aspect expressed by particles.

Last week I posted a message to this group asking for help in finding
a language that marks tense and/or aspect with a free-standing
particle that has properites different from auxiliaries and adverbs.
Many of you generously took the time to share your expertise about
many different languages and language groups with me and provided many
leads and references to follow. In fact, I received so many replies
that it will be impossible for me to answer all messages individually.
Therefore I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you. Your
help has literally opened up tens of avenues of new research and will
keep me busy for quite a while. Below I am posting the names of those
I received mail from and the languages/language groups they suggested
I check out:

Peter Ackema		Dutch Creoles
Karen Steffen Chung	Mandarin Chinese
Lance Eccles		Chinese, Polynesian, Austronesian
Tonjes Veenstra		Creole languages
Robert Beard		Yoruba
Melina Alexa		Modern Greek
Wayles Browne		Russian, Balkan languages, Persian
Arnold Zwicky		helpful discussion of the notion particle
Michal Starke		Gun (Kwa)
Richard Camero		Tok Pisin
Adams Bodomo		The Gur languages of West Africa
Nancy Stenson		Irish
Craig Thiersch		Russian
Steve Harlow		Chinese
Stavros Macrakis	South Slavic languages
David Solnit		Burmese
Chris Culy		Bambara
Mike Dukes		Tongan
Miriam Meyerhoff	Bislama
Arantza Martinez Etxarri Basque
James Hearne		Mandarin
Roland Hinterhoelzl	Chinese
Hildo Couto		Guinea-Bissau Portuguese creole
Mari Broman Olsen	Slavic
Leo A. Connolly		Old and Middle High German
Greg J. Kinkley		Modern Burmese

Again, thank you very much to all of you for your help.


Gert Webelhuth
Dep. of Linguistics
U of North Carolina at Chapel HIll
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