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Mon Oct 2 1995

FYI: New Database, Chinese and Oriental Languages Information

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  1. Peter White, New Database
  2. "Lua Kim-Teng", Call For Subscription

Message 1: New Database

Date: Mon, 02 Oct 1995 12:05:03 New Database
From: Peter White <peterwlingua.cltr.uq.OZ.AU>
Subject: New Database


This database is now available for searching across the Internet,
using the 'dbguest' account on

The Xcredit database was developed to indicate which post graduate
applied linguistics courses are, or may in the future, be
cross-credited among Australian universities.

The database has three searchable tables: courses, which list all the
courses currently available - generally for post-graduate diplomas in
applied linguistics or related fields; units, which will ultimately
provide full details of each unit included in each course; and a list
of institutions.

The database was completed in September 1995, and put on-line on 22
September 1995. All the data available has been included, but there
are still many holes in the overall picture.

We would be most grateful if colleagues could check their entries in
this database, and provide us with updates, corrections, or relevant
new information. This is particularly important for the unit
database, as we only have titles of units at this stage, and very
little other information.

Details may be left via email by using the option on the main menu of

To access the Xcredit database:

1.	Telnet to
2.	Log in as dbguest
3.	The password is NLLIA-db (exactly as it looks)
4.	There is a small menu which offers options to link to the NLLIA
	databasystem, the Xcredit system, or to leave a message for the
	database administrator.
5.	Select option 2 to access Xcredit.

A small handbook is available from LATTICE for Xcredit users, and this
will be put on the CLTR gopher for down-loading. It will ultimately
be accessible via the World Wide Web, but this will take a bit longer.

If there are any concerns, queries, or suggestions, please contact me.

Peter White
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
The University of Queensland, Qld 4072
Tel: (07) 365-6893; Fax: (07) 365-7077.
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Message 2: Call For Subscription

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 12:11:37 Call For Subscription
From: "Lua Kim-Teng" <>
Subject: Call For Subscription



 anonymous ftp:
 subscribe and unsubscribe:
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Information for Authors

This journal publishs in both electronic form and hard copues. The
electronic copies will be free for all subscribers. The charge for hard
copies is S$50 per volume. Its scope includes all aspects related to
Computer Processing of Chinese & Oriental Languages, inlcuding, but not
limited to:

	- computer input and output of characters,
	- typesetting and design of characters
	- coding and compression of data
	- voice input and output, analysis, recognition and
	 synthesis of speech
	- man-computer communications
	- language processing and text understanding,
	- representation of knowledge and inferencing
	- computational linguistics
	- machine translation
	- software and design of Chinese language computers,
 database management and systems
	- information retrieval, text handling
	- question answering
	- applications of theories, methods and techniques.

Categories of paper included:

	- research papers
	- letters to editors, commentaries
	- project reports, R&D news
	- product news, software and hardware
	- short notes


Subscrition is now open to all researchers, R&D personals, vendors and
any interested party free of charge. Abstract of papers and reports
will be posted to subscribers immedaitely when they are available. The
subscribers, after reading the abstracts, may then decide if they want
to extract the full report. You can obtain all papers from our ftp
site or Web at addresses:
	anonymous ftp:

To subscribe, send a mail to with a
Subject field 'subscribe'. You must leave all the rest blank. To
unscribe, sned a mail to with a
Subject field 'unsubscribe'. Again, leave the mail body empty.

Problems: please to editor-in-cheif, Dr K T Lua at

Managing Editors
- --------------

Editor-in-Chief: Kim-Teng Lua (National University of Singapore)
Associate Editors: Kok-Wee Gan(The Hong Kong University of Science and

International Editorial Board	
- -----------------------------

You Qi Cao (Academia Sinica, Beijing)
Chao-Huang Chang (Industrial Technology Research Inst., Hsinchu)
Hsin-Hsi Chen(National Taiwan University, Taipei)
Keh-Jiann Chen(Academia Sinica, Taipei)
Fang-Hsuan Cheng (Chung-Hua Polytechnic Institute, Hsinchu)
Zhendong Dong(Institute of Systems Science, Singapore)
Zhiwei Feng (Institute of Applied Linguistics, Beijing)
Aiping Fu (Chinese Academic of Social Sciences, Beijing)
Changning Huang(Tsinghua University, Beijing)
Chu-Ren Huang(Academia Sinica, Taipei)
Taiyi Huang (Institute of Automation, Beijing)
Xiaofeng Gu (Peking University, Beijing)
Hsi-Jian Lee(National Chiao Tung University, Taipei)
Chuan Lu(Henan Institute of Finance & Economics, Zhengzhou)
Shaoping Ma (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
Gee-Swee Poo(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Keh-Yih Su (National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu)
Yong Cheng Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai)
Shiwen Yu (Peking University, Beijing)
Pu Zhang (Beijing University of Language and Culture, Beijing)
Xinzhong Zhang(Beijing Information Technology Institute, Beijing)
Yong-Kui Zhang (Shanxi University, Taiyuan)
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