LINGUIST List 6.1345

Tue Oct 3 1995

Qs: Icelandic,Dictionary,Cantonese Upgrades/Crossgrades

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  1. Bernard Comrie, Icelandic
  2. , Indian English Dictionary
  3. Chen Xiang, Cantonese Upgrades/Crossgrades

Message 1: Icelandic

Date: Sun, 01 Oct 1995 07:27:58 Icelandic
From: Bernard Comrie <>
Subject: Icelandic

Would anyone with native-speaker competence in Icelandic be willing to
answer a few questions about Icelandic syntax for me? If so, please contact
me directly (

Bernard Comrie

Bernard Comrie
Dept of Linguistics GFS-301 tel +1 213 740 2986
University of Southern California fax +1 213 740 9306
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1693, USA e-mail
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Message 2: Indian English Dictionary

Date: Sun, 01 Oct 1995 10:43:06 Indian English Dictionary
From: <>
Subject: Indian English Dictionary

Does anyone know of a dictionary available in the United States that would
help an American comprehend the language of Indian English press articles?
 Indianisms in such articles are sometimes italicized and sometimes not.
 Those in Roman type are easy to find in standard American or British
dictionaries. It's the ones in italics I'm having a problem with. Though I
only get the gist of some articles, I'd like to understand them in their
entirety. Is there a reference book that will help?

James Kirchner
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Message 3: Cantonese Upgrades/Crossgrades

Date: Sun, 01 Oct 1995 22:53:34 Cantonese Upgrades/Crossgrades
From: Chen Xiang <>
Subject: Cantonese Upgrades/Crossgrades

Hi Linguists, I am interested in helping some folks who have achieved a
certain (reasonable) fluency in Mandarin make the conversion to Cantonese.
Does anyone out there have any idea of suitable materials or studies that
may come in handy? I'm thinking of: (these students are NSs of English)
1) explanations of phonological difficulties/differences;
2) vocab differences - esp classifier use;
3) grammatical problems;
4) anything else.

I would like to know about stuff on constrastive analysis, texts, and
even tapes or videos that might be useful. Just for your info, I am
trained as a language teacher (EFL/ESL) but do speak both Mandarin and
Cantonese; notwithstanding this, I'd prefer to use something developed by
a wiser and more experienced person than do all this myself!
If anyone can help, please email me with suggestions, help, etc.
Thanks very much!

Paul Woods

English Department
205 Morrill Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater OK 74078

Tel: 1 405 744 9474
Fax: 1 405 744 6326
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