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Sun Oct 8 1995

Confs: Chinese dialectology

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  1. David Prager Branner, Conference: Chinese Dialectology

Message 1: Conference: Chinese Dialectology

Date: Tue, 03 Oct 1995 12:41:56 Conference: Chinese Dialectology
From: David Prager Branner <>
Subject: Conference: Chinese Dialectology

			 The Yuen Ren Society
	 for the Promotion of Chinese Dialect Fieldwork


	The following nine presentations have been accepted for the next
meeting of the Yuen Ren Society. The meeting will be held in conjunction
with the 206th meeting of the American Oriental Society, itself held in
Philadelphia between 17-20 March, 1996. The YRS meeting will probably
last one full morning and part of an afternoon, and the date and time will
be announced in January. Each speaker has half an hour per presentation,
including questions from the audience.

	These nine presentations consist largely of descriptive data from
Chinese dialects, mostly from dialects not previously described in
print. All dialect material will be printed in the next issue of the
Society's journal, the _Treasury_, which will be available for purchase
beginning in late January as well as at the meeting.

	Fresh Descriptive Material from Poorly Known Dialects

Jerry Norman, "Tonal Development in the Jennchyan Dialect." A brief
comparative study of the Miinbeei dialect of Jennchyan in Fukien Jenqher.

A^ng Ui^-ji^n, [A Taiwanese dialect with the accent of Hueyan in
Chyuanjou.] In Chinese.

R. VanNess Simmons, "A Dialect of the Harngjou Suburbs - a Vocabulary for
Jiangjiatarng." A distinctly Wu-type dialect spoken on the outskirts of
Mandarin-speaking Harngjou City.

Ch`en Shu-chu"an, [A Study of the Guanmiaw Dialect.] Material in a
Taiwanese Miinnan dialect. In Chinese.

Jeff Crosland, "A Glossary of Gai4-de2 Dialect." A Chyuanjou-like
variety of rural Miinnan from Fukien's Derhuah County.

David Prager Branner, "A Gerchuan Juyu Dialect Notebook." A short
glossary of an unusual Hakka-like dialect of central Liancherng in
western Fukien.

	Studies of Sandhi in Already Well-known Dialects

W. South Coblin, "Tone and Tone Sandhi in Early Qing1 Guan1-hua4." A
study based on contemporary Western records.

Benjamin Ao, "Nantong Tone Sandhi." A descriptive study of a Jiangsu

Li3 Zhu2-qing1, [Title undecided.] A comprehensive description of the
various kinds of sandhi in Foochow dialect.

For more information, please contact

	David Prager Branner
	Yuen Ren Society
	Asian Languages and Literature			
	University of Washington, Box 353521
	Seattle, WA 98195-3521 USA

email: <>

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