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Fri Oct 20 1995

FYI: Minimal Information Grammar, New Policy for Confs

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  1. Danko Sipka, Minimal Information Grammar (MIG)
  2. , New Policy for Conference Announcements

Message 1: Minimal Information Grammar (MIG)

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 1995 10:43:39 Minimal Information Grammar (MIG)
From: Danko Sipka <>
Subject: Minimal Information Grammar (MIG)

Minimal Information Grammar is an approach in "doing things with
words". It is intended primarily for the NLP of Slavic languages.
MIG is described on the following www page

I would appreciate your comments.

Danko Sipka
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Message 2: New Policy for Conference Announcements

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 1995
From: <>
Subject: New Policy for Conference Announcements


We have been receiving complaints about overlong conference
announcements. Although we understand that it is often easier to
e-mail us the complete announcement or brochure on a conference than
to edit it, this often means that we are asked to publish long lists
of things that are of interest only to the conference attendees:
childcare information, parking arrangements, description of the city,
etc. As a result, we would like to institute some new policies regarding
conference announcements:

1) conference announcements must be limited to 100 lines. We will
be returning announcements that obviously exceed this limit.

2) conference programs will no longer be posted to everyone in their
entirety. Instead, we will put them in the datasource listings on our
web sites:

And we will announce in a regular LINGUIST issue that the program is
available, providing the WWW URL and the e-mail address of the
conference organizer (for those who want more details via e-mail).

As always, if you have suggestions or objections to the new policy,
please let us know. Otherwise, the above policies will take effect as
soon as have posted all the announcements that we currently have.


Helen and Anthony
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