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Wed Oct 25 1995

Confs: Romance ling, Systemic functional ling (JASFL)

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  1. "F. van der Leeuw", Going Romance program
  2. Magoji Tamazaki, JASFL

Message 1: Going Romance program

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 13:07:14 Going Romance program
From: "F. van der Leeuw" <>
Subject: Going Romance program



		 Ninth Symposium on Romance Linguistics
			Amsterdam, December 7-9

Organized by the Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics (HIL), the
Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS Utrecht) and the
departments of French and Italian of the University of Amsterdam.

Thursday, December 7

 9.30 - 9.45	Opening of the conference by Aafke Hulk (University of

 9.45 - 10.45	Jacqueline Gueron, Paris X (Invited Speaker)
		Missing Tenses: Contrasts between French and English

10.45 - 11.05	Break

11.05 - 11.45	Alessandra Giorgi & Fabio Pianesi, University of Bergamo
		& IRST
		Definite Temporal Arguments: a Comparison between Italian
		and English

11.45 - 12.25	Manuel Espanol-Echevarria, UCLA
		Definiteness in A of a N contexts

12.25 - 14.25	Lunch

14.25 - 15.05	Gloria Cocchi, University of Firenze
		Two Cases of Split Ergativity in Italian Dialects

15.05 - 15.45	Caterina Donati, University of Firenze
		Comparative Clauses: a Raising Analysis

15.45 - 16.05	Break

16.05 - 16.45	Viviane Deprez, Rutgers University
		Negative Concord in French and Haitian Creole

16.45 - 17.45	James Harris, MIT (Invited Speaker)
		Spanish Imperatives: Syntax Meets Morphology

17.45 - ?	Drink

Friday, December 8

 9.30 - 10.30	Alain Rouveret, Paris VIII (Invited Speaker)
		Clitics, Subjects and Tense in European Portuguese

10.30 - 10.50	Break

10.50 - 11.30	Anna Pettiward, SOAS
		Anti-Procrastinate Effects and Optional Agreement in French

11.30 - 12.10	Eduardo Raposo, UCSB
		Towards a Restrictive Theory of Clitic Placement in Romance

12.10 - 14.15	Lunch

14.15 - 15.15	Patrick Sauzet, Paris VIII (Invited Speaker)
		Affixation, Cliticization and Word Order

15.15 - 15.55	Mara Frascarelli, University of Rome III
		The Prosody of Focus in Italian

15.55 - 16.15	Break

16.15 - 16.55	Fernando Martinez-Gil, Ohio State University
		Consonant Vocalization in Chilean Spanish: a
		Constraint-Based Approach

16.55 - 17.35	Leo Wetzels, Free University of Amsterdam/HIL
		The Phonetics and Phonology of Nasality in Brazilian Portuguese

18.00 - ?	Going Romance Dinner

Saturday, December 9

 9.30 - 10.10	Liliane Haegeman, University of Geneva
		Null Subjects in the non Pro-Drop Languages and the
		Structure of CP.

10.10 - 10.50	Carlo Cecchetto, Dipartimento di Scienze Cognitive, Milan
		Reconstruction and Clitic Left (Right) Dislocation

10.50 - 11.10	Break

11.10 - 11.50	Xavier Villalba, University of Barcelona
		Leftward Right Dislocation

11.50 - 12.30	Christine Tellier & Daniel Valois, University of Montreal
		Agreements and Extraction: a Representational View

12.30 - 14.30	Lunch

14.30 - 15.10	Andrea Moro, Dipartimento di Scienze Cognitive, Milan
		Case Theory and the Distribution of "ci" in Italian:
		Towards a Unified Theory of "essere" and "avere"

15.10 - 16.10	Luigi Rizzi, University of Geneva
		To Be Announced


1. Ana Maria Martins, University of Lisbon
 Clitic Climbing and the Structure of Infinitival Complements

2. Teresa Satterfield, University of Iowa
 Null Subjects and the Extended Parametrization Hypothesis

3. Petra Sleeman, University of Amsterdam
 The licensing of Empty Noun Constructions

PREREGISTRATION is possible by e-mail, regular mail or fax.
Please indicate your name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, phone
number and fax number.

After your preregistration we will send further information about
the conference, accomodation etc.

The conference fee is f.35,-, on-site payment is possible.	

The Organizing Committee:
J. Dekkers, D. Delfitto, A. Hulk, F. van der Leeuw, M. Nespor, M. de Wind.

Address:				Phone:
Going Romance				++31-20-5253805 or
Department of French			++31-20-5254635
University of Amsterdam			Fax:
Spuistraat 134				++31-20-5254429
1012 VB Amsterdam			E-mail:
The Netherlands
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Message 2: JASFL

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 00:53:55 JASFL
From: Magoji Tamazaki <>
Subject: JASFL

ANNOUNCEMENT: Autumn Conference JASFL '95

 The Autumn Conference
 the Japan Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics
 will be held
 on November 25, at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan.

 Programme of JASFL '95

 Plenary Session (17:15 - 18:30)
 Speaker: Professor Christian Matthiessen (Macquarie University)
 "Systemic Cartography: deploying lexicogrammatical system

 Workshop (10:00 - 12:00)
 Speaker: Prof. Noboru Yamaguchi (Fukushima University)
 "An Invitation to Systemic Functional Linguistics"

 Paper Presentation (13:00 - 17:00)
 1. Kusumoto, Tetsuya
 "Functional Changes of Japanese Case Marker 'Ga'"
 2. Teruya, Kazuhiro
 "Verbal Processes in Japanese: a systemic-functional
 3. Iwamoto, Noriko
 "Systemic Analysis of Japanese Wartime Reporting in Newspaper"
 4. Koyamada, Y.
 "Deletion Differences between Japanese and English Recipe"
 5. Thomson Elizabeth
 "Constituents of Theme in Japanese"
 6. LoCastoro, Virginia
 "Classroom Group Discussion as a Social Event"
 7. Conduit, Anne M.
 "Culture Self-Awareness and the Social Semiotics of Language
 (A systemic functional view of the article system in a
 writing project)"
 8. Peng, Virginia M.
 "Using Linguistics in Aphasiology"
 9. Bowcher, Wendy L.
 "Context of Culture, Context of Situation and Radio Sports
 10. Harnett, Ian
 "Two Cases against Chomskyan Linguistics from a Base for
 11. Sakai, Takahiko
 "Translation of 'Japanese Kokoro (or Sentiment) - Poem'"
 12. Honjo, Jiro
 "Four Approaches of the Prague School of FSP"
 13. Qian, Jun
 "Synchrony and Diachrony -- On the Theory of the Prague School"
 14. Cheng, Fangzhi
 "Survey the Realization of English Grammar from a Perspective
 of Systemic Linguistics"

 For Registration and Further Information, Contact the following:
 Professor Masaaki Tatsuki (Secretary-general, JASFL)
 Dept. of English, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
 Fax: +81-75-251-3059 Phone: +81-75-251-3371
 Professor Magoji Tamazaki (Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan)
 Fax: +81-52-833-6985 Phone: +81-52-832-3111 (Switchboard)
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