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Wed Oct 25 1995

Confs: Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium (preliminary program)

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  1. Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium, Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium (preliminary program)

Message 1: Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium (preliminary program)

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 02:12:29 Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium (preliminary program)
From: Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium <>
Subject: Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium (preliminary program)

 December 18---21, 1995
 The Preliminary Program
Monday 18
 9.30 Registration
 10.30 Opening by the Rector of
 the University of Amsterdam
 10.50 -- 11.50 Angelika Kratzer
 12.20 -- 13.00 Ariel Cohen Jon Barwise
 Lawrence S. Moss
 14.00 -- 14.40 Ralf Naumann Massimo Poesio
 14.50 -- 15.30 Markus Egg Manfred Pinkal
 16.00 -- 16.40 Ekaterina Rakhilina Tim Fernando
 16.50 -- 17.50 Hans Kamp
 18.30 -- 19.30 Reception
 Contributed Talks
Jon Barwise and Lawrence S. Moss
 Modal Correspondence for Models
Ariel Cohen
 Generics and Frequency Adverbs as Probability Judgments
Markus Egg
 Aspect and Quantification: an Iterative Approach
Tim Fernando
 Non-Monotonic Consequences of Ambiguity
Ralf Naumann
 Aspectual Composition and Dynamic Logic
Manfred Pinkal
 Radical Underspecification
Massimo Poesio
 Defeasible Reasoning with Underspecified Representations
Ekaterina V. Rakhilina
 Is Aspectual Classification of Nouns Possible?

Tuesday 19
 9.30 -- 10.30 Krister Segerberg
 11.00 -- 11.40 Marco Hollenberg Martin van den Berg
 11.50 -- 12.30 Maarten Marx Livia Polanyi
 Szabolcs Mikulas Martin van den Berg
 14.00 -- 14.40 Gene Rohrbaugh Herman Hendriks
 14.50 -- 15.30 Henk Zeevat David Milward
 16.00 -- 16.40 Sigrid Beck Jan Jaspars
 Hotze Rullmann Megumi Kameyama
 16.50 -- 17.50 Anna Szabolcsi

 Contributed Papers
Sigrid Beck and Hotze Rullmann
 Degree Questions, Maximal Informativeness, and Exhaustivity
Martin H. van den Berg
 Discourse Grammar and Dynamic Logic
Herman Hendriks
 Links without Locations
Marco Hollenberg
 General Safety for Bisimulation
Jan Jaspars and Megumi Kameyama
 Preferences in Dynamic Semantics
Maarten Marx and Szabolcs Mikulas
 Relativized First Order Logics and Expert Systems
David Milward
 Integrating Situations into a Theory of Discourse Anaphora
Livia Polanyi and Martin H. van den Berg
 Discourse Structure and Discourse Interpretation
Gene Rohrbaugh
 An Event-Based Semantics for Deontic Utterances
Henk Zeevat
 A Neoclassical Analysis of Belief Sentences or
 Common Ground Updating or
 Exhaustivity and Plurals

Wednesday 20
 9.30 -- 10.30 Bob Carpenter
 11.00 -- 11.40 Michael Moortgat Javier Gutierrez Rexach
 11.50 -- 12.30 Martin Emms Yoad Winter
 14.00 -- 14.40 Jaap van der Does Tsutomu Fujinami
 14.50 -- 15.30 Brendan Gillon Natasha Alechina
 16.00 -- 16.40 Matt Watson Jan Jaspars
 Emiel Krahmer
 16.50 -- 17.30 Laurence Cavedon Jaakko Hintikka
 Sheila Glasbey
 20.30 -- 22.30 RetroProspective
 Semantics in the Progressive
 -> Johan van Benthem
 -> Hans Kamp
 -> Barbara Partee

 Contributed Papers
Natasha Alechina
 Quantification over Interdependent Variables
Lawrence Cavedon and Sheila Glasbey
 The Role of Context in the Interpretation of Generics
Jaap van der Does
 E-type Pronouns and Categorial Semantics
Martin Emms
 Embeddings and Undecidability for the Second Order Lambek Calculus
Brendan S. Gillon
 Donkey Anaphora and a Puzzle Due to C.S. Peirce
Tsutomu Fujinami
 A Process Algebraic Approach to Situation Semantics
Jaakko Hintikka
 No Scope for Scope
Jan Jaspars and Emiel Krahmer
 Unified Dynamics
Michael Moortgat
 In Situ Binding: a Modal Analysis
Javier Gutierrez Rexach
 Semantic Properties of Interrogative Generalized Quantifiers
Matt Watson
 A Critique of a Proof-Theoretic Treatment of Anaphora
Yoad Winter
 The Square of Individuals

Thursday 21
 9.30 -- 10.30 Fred Landman
 11.00 -- 11.40 Theo Janssen David Beaver
 11.50 -- 12.30 Laszlo Kalman Emiel Krahmer
 14.00 -- 14.40 Seungho Nam Willem Groeneveld
 14.50 -- 15.30 Johan Bos Robert Westmoreland
 16.00 -- 16.40 Michael Kohlhase Gerhard Jaeger
 Susanna Kuschert
 Manfred Pinkal
 16.50 -- 17.50 Gennaro Chierchia

 Contributed Papers
David Beaver
 Local Satisfaction Preferred
Johan Bos
 Predicate Logic Unplugged
Willem Groeneveld
 Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Gerhard Jaeger
 Only Updates. On the Dynamics of the Focus Particle only
Theo M.V. Janssen
Laszlo Kalman
 Strong Compositionality
Michael Kohlhase, Susanna Kuschert and Manfred Pinkal
 A Type-Theoretic Semantics for lambda-DRT
Emiel Krahmer
 Presuppositional Discourse Representation Theory
Seungho Nam
 The Semantics of Paths and Spatial Orientations
Robert R.~Westmoreland
 Epistemic Must as Evidential

Stand in Papers
Nicholas Asher
 Mathematical Treatments of Discourse Contexts
Jelle Gerbrandy
 Simple Semantics for Paradoxes
Antoon Hurkmans
 How Frege Failed to Prove the Equivalence of `Nothing is F' and `The
	Number of F's = 0' in Grundlagen
Natasha Kurtonina
 Bisimulations without Prejudices

The Amsterdam Colloquia aim at bringing together logicians,
philosophers, linguists and computer scientists who share an
interest in semantics. The spectrum of topics covered ranges from
descriptive (semantic analyses of all kinds of expressions), to
theoretical (logical and computational properties of semantic
theories, philosophical foundations).

The organizing committee of the Tenth Amsterdam Colloquium consists
of Paul Dekker, Jeroen Groenendijk, Erik-Jan van der Lnden, Marjorie Pigge and
Martin Stokhof. Financial support is provided by the ILLC, the
Department of Philosophy, the Department of Mathematics and Computer
Science, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW),
the Dutch Graduate School in Logic (OzsL), and the Foundation for
Language Speech and Logic (TSL) of the Netherlands Organization for
Scientific Research.
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