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Fri Oct 27 1995

FYI: Zhonghua scholarship, New electronic list

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  1. Weiping Wu, ZHONGHUA SCHOLARSHIP (10/27/95 UPDATE)
  2. Gregor Hens, please publish


Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 15:29:04 ZHONGHUA SCHOLARSHIP (10/27/95 UPDATE)
From: Weiping Wu <>

 This is the second update before the deadline (11/15/95) of the
application for the ZHONGHUA SCHOLARSHIP (a brief description and
contact address is attached at the end of this message for those who
missed the announcement).
 1. Recommendation and other application materials: Recommendation
letters may be sent to WCCEC directly, but please make sure your name
appear on the envelope Re: name of applicant. Please be reminded that
the deadline is November 15 by postmark.
 2. Benefits for recipients: Recipients of the scholarship in both
programs are provided with:
(a) international travel expenses (US-Hong Kong) and local
 travel expenses (Hong Kong - destination);
(b) accommodation in China (air-conditioned apartment with
 kitchen and bathroom facilities, phone and TV);
(c) medical insurance;
(d) a monthly stipend to cover food and other expenses.
 3. Major Chinese textbooks used:
These refer to the major textbooks you have used, either by
yourself or as part of the course requirements from school.
 4. Status at school and major:
The scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate
students, including those who have already graduated. There's no
restriction for major.
======= Attached: ZHONGHUA SCHOLARSHIP (Description) =======
 Zhonghua Scholarship is established by Cross Culture
 Education Center of Washington (WCCEC) in cooperation with
 educational institutions in China. It is dedicated to
 English speakers who are interested in Chinese language and
 culture and wish to see China with their own eyes, providing
 them with the opportunity to live in China, study in China
 and have a cultural tour (depending on the program) of
 China. As part of the cultural exchange, recipients are
 required to conduct some ESL classes for K-12 students, the
 total time of which is limited to 15 hours per week. For
 more information, please contact:
 Dr. Weiping Wu
 Program Director, WCCEC
 9709 Kings Crown Court, #201
 FAIRFAX, VA 22031
 Fax: (703) 934-8855
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Message 2: please publish

Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 16:21:46 please publish
From: Gregor Hens <>
Subject: please publish

LILA, an electronic mailing list for LINGUISTS IN ENGLISH AND FOREIGN
LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS, has been founded to promote discussion of
professional issues pertaining to this group, and to provide a forum
for ideas and approaches most readily associated with the practice of
linguistics outside of linguistics departments. Possible topics
include, but are not limited to:

- contrastive grammar
- descriptive linguistics
- linguistic approaches to literature
- corpus linguistics
- translation theory
- philology
- historical linguistics
- paleography
- foreign language pedagogy

To subscribe, send the message
 subscribe lila <firstname> <lastname>
to the address
For further inquiries please contact Gregor Hens at
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