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Fri Nov 3 1995

FYI: O-Hayo Sensei electronic ed, Northeastern U grad program

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  1. , O-Hayo Sensei #19 Electronic Edition Now Available
  2. Neal Pearlmutter, Northeastern Univ. graduate program

Message 1: O-Hayo Sensei #19 Electronic Edition Now Available

Date: Thu, 02 Nov 1995 20:42:18 O-Hayo Sensei #19 Electronic Edition Now Available
From: <>
Subject: O-Hayo Sensei #19 Electronic Edition Now Available

The latest electronic edition of the bi-weekly newsletter O-Hayo
Sensei, #19, is now available. It's free, just send an e-mail request

O-Hayo Sensei collects and prints information about currently
available English-teaching positions in Japan. In addition to job
listings supplied by the language schools themselves, O-Hayo Sensei
surveys a wide array of print and on-line media, both inside and
outside Japan.

This issue contains 33 positions.

O-Hayo Sensei is not a recruiter or an agent, and has no affiliation
to any school or program. O-Hayo Sensei IS the most comprehensive
compilation of English-teaching opportunities in Japan, anywhere.
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Message 2: Northeastern Univ. graduate program

Date: Fri, 03 Nov 1995 13:39:50 Northeastern Univ. graduate program
From: Neal Pearlmutter <>
Subject: Northeastern Univ. graduate program

The Language & Cognition group in the Psychology Department of
Northeastern University is seeking graduate students to begin in Fall
1996. Current faculty in Language & Cognition are David Bryant,
Harlan Lane, Joanne Miller, and Neal Pearlmutter; areas of study
include: spatial cognition and memory, cognition in virtual reality
systems, evolution and cognition, language and the deaf, speech
perception, lexical access, and sentence comprehension. The
department has an active Sensation & Perception group as well, and
faculty with related interests include Rhea Eskew, Frank Naarendorp,
Adam Reeves, and Alex Skavenski. In addition, a search is presently
underway for another cognitive position to start in Fall 1996.

All students receive year-round support and a full tuition remission,
and gain experience as both research and teaching assistants.
State-of-the-art facilities include auditory and visual stimulus
editing equipment, eyetracking and digital speech processing
equipment, and numerous microcomputers for conducting experiments and
analyzing data.

Northeastern University is located in the heart of Boston, easily
accessible by car or public transportation and convenient to the
city's huge array of museums, performances, sporting events,
restaurants, and shopping centers. We are situated in one of the
busiest and most stimulating academic centers in the world, and our
students have many opportunities to interact with faculty and students
at numerous other universities and colleges, including Harvard, MIT,
Boston University, Tufts, Boston College, and Brandeis.

For further information, see the department's world wide web page
( and/or contact us by e-mail:

David Bryant
Harlan Lane
Joanne Miller
Neal Pearlmutter

For application materials, contact David Bryant by e-mail or at:

Dr. David Bryant
Psychology Dept., 125 NI
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
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