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Mon Nov 6 1995


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  1. Helen Dry, thanks letter

Message 1: thanks letter

Date: Mon, 06 Nov 1995 10:04:35 thanks letter
From: Helen Dry <>
Subject: thanks letter

Dear LINGUIST subscribers:

LINGUIST has just had its most progressive year yet, and we heartily
thank all of you who contributed to its success through scholarship,
suggestions, and particularly through the LINGUIST Development Fund.

When we last wrote a letter of this nature to our subscribers,
we "only" sent it to about 6000 people. Since that time,
our subscriber list has increased by 20%: we now serve over 7200
people, in addition to those reached by the 150 redistribution lists.
Our Web site has seen heavy traffic, and in all we handled over 8
million messages this year. For these reasons, we believe that
LINGUIST is becoming an increasingly important part of our discipline.

With this volume of information to process, we could not continue to
publish LINGUIST without student editors, and that means we could not
continue without your support. Thanks to your contributions last
year, we were once again been able to fund $4000 fellowships for our
LINGUIST Fellows: Ljuba Veselinova (Eastern Michigan University) and
Ann Dizdar (Texas A&M). We are also fortunate to receive help from
Annamarie Valdez, an assistant editor provided by EMU, and continued
_gratis_ help from Ron Reck.

We would like to increase the LINGUIST fellowship this next year, in
part to provide our fellows with more reasonable compensation, but
also to offset anticipated increases in subscriptions--and the
corresponding increases in our student editors' workloads. As many of
you know, $4000 is very little for a graduate student to live on in
the United States. Texas A&M provides some support for their Fellow,
but that means she works on LINGUIST only half-time. The EMU Fellow
is supported only by the LINGUIST fellowship.

Thus, we have been thinking about asking for a $10 annual donation from
subscribers. This would still remain voluntary (we don't even have
the resources to police this policy!), but as you can see below, fewer
than 1% of our 7200+ subscribers contribute to the maintenance of the list.
If everyone contributed, we would be able to better support our staff and
continue to provide more services to our subscribers. We'd like to
have subscriber reactions to this idea.

This year, with the help of our excellent crew, we have been able to
implement significant improvements in LINGUIST service and to make
plans for more. Much of our energy has gone toward developing new
editing software. John Remmers, of EMU, has created an excellent
software package that produces LINGUIST issues efficiently:
simultaneously mounting hypertext issues for the WWW and producing the
e-mail version for the list.

We are also expanding our Web service. A few months ago, we
announced our new Eastern Michigan University site, located at:

This site and its mirror at Texas A&M now have links to past
and current LINGUIST issues, list the web sites of all jobs posted
on LINGUIST in 1995, serve as a source for linguistic fonts, and offer
an extensive list of linguistic data-sources. Within a few weeks,
this site will also offer enhanced HTML issues, with all URL's made
into live links, and all URL's which have appeared in any LINGUIST
issue collected and made available. And, in the coming year, we
plan to make keywords within the issues into live links also, and to
mount a keyword-searchable WWW archive that will enable users to
quickly and easily find all issues on a particular topic.
Because of the extensive use our web sites receive and because
of the variety of services the web allows, LINGUIST is becoming
an academic network as well as an electronic mailing-list.

We hope that the changes that we have made and are planning to make
provide you with the best academic support that LINGUIST can
offer. Our sole aim is to enhance linguistics research. If you would
like for LINGUIST to continue its work, please join our list of valued
supporters who give the financial support that makes the list
possible. You may send your contribution to:

The EMU LINGUIST Development Fund
c/o The Dept. of English Language and Literature
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48097

Those of you who contribute from overseas, who have previously gone to
the trouble of procuring a bank draft in US dollars, may simply send
your own currency in an envelope, and we will acknowledge with a
receipt as soon as we receive your donation. We cannot yet accept
credit card donations, but we can change the currency. Though this is
not an elegant procedure, it may be easier than taking the time to get
a draft. And we can assure you that none of our cash donations has
ever gone astray.

To all of you whose names appear on the list below--all of you who
have faithfully been supporting LINGUIST at home and abroad--we
offer our sincerest appreciation.

-Helen and Anthony
LINGUIST Moderators

 ----------1995 Contributors--------

Valued Supporters:

Anonymous (3)
Barbara Abbott
Heather Anderson
Maher Awad
Yukiko Sasaki Alam
Robert Beard
Elabbas Benmamoun
Pier Marco Bertinetto
Rosemary Buck
Robert Chandler
Linda Coleman
Alan Cienki
Donna Cromer
Ursula Doleschal
Stanley Dubinsky
Bethany Dumas
Timothy Dunnigan
Susan Fischer
david Ganelin
Frank Gladney
Keith Goeringer
John Grinstead
Mark Hansell
Suzanne Hilgendorf
Caitlin Hines
Yukio Hirose
Alice Horning
Shin Ja Hwang
Frances Ingemann
Margaret Jackman
James Jenkins
Brian Joseph
Martin Jung
Carolyn Kirkpatrick
Yuriko Kite
Judith Klavans
Laura Labonte-Smith
Daniel Lefkowitz
Judith Levi
Hideo Makihara
Kumiko Makihara
Geral Mathias
Ernest McCarus
Scott McGinnis
Deborah Mandelbaum
Jeff Marck
Edith Moravcsik
Michael Newman
Betty Phillips
Susan Pintzuk
Terence Potter
Mel Resnick
Burton Rosner
Catherine Rudin
Janine Scanarelli
Makoto Shimizu
Beth Simon
Jack Zeldis

Patrons ($50 or more):

Anonymous (2)
Australia National University (for PACIFIC LINGUISTICS PRESS)
Michael Bernstein (for CASCADILLA PRESS)
Garland Bills
Claude Boisson
E. Wayles Browne
Hugh Buckingham
Tucker Childs
Bernard Comrie
Julia Falk
Heather Goad
Anghea Fraser Gupta
James Harris
Carolyn Herrarte
H,M, Hubey
Richard Hudson
Roderick Jacobs
Karen Jensen (w/matching funds from MICROSOFT)
James Kirchner
Donka Minkova
Tadao Miyamato
Katsuhiko Momoi
Daniel Radzinski
Alexis Manaster Ramer
Barbara Pearson
Ingo Plag
Joe Salmons & Monica Macaulay
Yutaka Sato
Ernest Scatton
Makoto Shimuzu
Karen Stanley
Karl Teeter
Theo Vennemann
Ronnie wilbur

Mainstays ($100 or more):

Victoria Fromkin
Arnold Zwicky
THE MIT PRESS (Book Dept.)
THE MIT PRESS (Journals Dept.)
The MIT Working Papers in Linguistics
SICS, Sweden

Total contributed in 1995: $6800
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