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Wed Nov 8 1995

Calls: Klingon, Electronic communication

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  1. "Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen" , CALL FOR PAPERS-Klingon
  2. Pemberton Lyn, CFP: sociolinguistics of electronic communication

Message 1: CALL FOR PAPERS-Klingon

Date: Wed, 08 Nov 1995 05:02:44 CALL FOR PAPERS-Klingon
From: "Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen" <>
Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS-Klingon

But not just any papers, papers on KLINGON!

The Klingon Language Institute (KLI) is a nonprofit corporation
dedicated to the study and support of the Klingon. Yes, Klingon, a
constructed language originally commissioned during the filming of
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. Klingon has the rather unique
status of starting life as little more than a movie prop and yet
surviving as an artifact of popular culture.

For me, Klingon has been an entertaining opportunity to combine
avocation and vocation. Having grown up watching the original Star
Trek on television, I have found that many others in academia were
similarly affected, their creativity sparked, by a program that
projected an optimistic future of wonder and exploration.

Now in its fourth year, the KLI publishes a quarterly peer-reviewed
journal, HolQeD (that's Klingon for "linguistics"). Brief articles on
any aspect of Klingon language and linguistics are welcome at any
time. Submissions may be sent by surface mail to the address below
and should be on disk in Word or text formats; please also include
hard copy. Submissions by email may be sent to, but
please follow with hardcopy.

Of particular interest in the immediate future are short notes or
letters to the editor from linguistic community commenting on tenth
anniversary of The Klingon Dictionary, the work that started it all.
These may be sent via email to

All letters to the editor become the property of KLI.

:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director :: The KLI is a nonprofit ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute :: tax exempt corporation ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA :: DaH HuchlIj'e' ghonob ::
:: :: ::: 215/836-4955 ::
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Message 2: CFP: sociolinguistics of electronic communication

Date: 08 Nov 1995 16:21:16 +0800CFP: sociolinguistics of electronic communication
From: Pemberton Lyn <>
Subject: CFP: sociolinguistics of electronic communication

(Apologies for possible multiple copies)


Sociolinguistics of Electronically Mediated Communication

Contributions are invited for a workshop on the Sociolinguistics of
Electronically Mediated Communication, to be held as part of
SOCIOLINGUISTICS SYMPOSIUM 11 at the University of Wales, Cardiff, 5 -
7 September 1996. The theme of the symposium is Sociolinguistics: New

Communication between people is increasingly mediated by electronic
systems and devices such as telephones, answering machines, electronic
mail and video conferencing systems. Additionally, machines
themselves, from comparatively simple automatic teller machines to
sophisticated intelligent agents, are often designed and regarded as
conversational partners. This workshop will explore the
sociolinguistic issues emerging from our increased interaction with
electronic media. Some suggested topics are:

	- the genres of electronically mediated communication
	- age, status and gender differences in electronic communication
	- pragmatics of electronic communication
	- sociolinguistically-derived guidelines for design of communication
	- sociolinguistics and HCI
	- discourse analysis of electronic messages

This is by no means an exhaustive list: contributions from any
sociolinguistic approach are very welcome.

Please send abstracts of proposed presentations (max two pages of A4)
before 8th December to the workshop organiser:

Lyn Pemberton,bton

IT Research Institute
University of Brighton
Brighton BN2 4AT
East Sussex, UK.
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