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Books: Lang Acquisition, Discourse Analysis, Syntax

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LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT (edited by Dawn MacLauglin and Susan McEwen)
1995 6 x 9 688 pages (2 volume paperback set)
1-57473-002-9 paperback $42.00 plus shipping
This set contains 58 papers from the November 1994 BU Conference on
Language Development, including the keynote address by Andrew Radford
and the plenary address by Jill de Villiers. A complete table of
contents, as well as ordering and shipping information, is available
by e-mail or through our web site.
CASCADILLA PRESS phone: (617) 776-2370 fax: (617) 776-2271
Organization in Discourse: Proceedings from the Turku Conference.
Edited by Warvik, Brita, Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen & Risto Hiltunen. 1995.
(Anglicana Turkuensia, 14). ISBN 951-29-0572-8. Turku, Finland:
University of Turku. Price FIM 120
	This volume contains papers presented at the conference on
	Organization in Discourse in Turku, Finland, 10 - 14 August, 1994.
	Contributions include the plenary papers on some of the most
	topical issues in the field by Douglas Biber, Ulla Connor,
	Frantisek Danes, Nils Erik Enkvist, Jan Firbas, Michael Hoey,
	Jan-Ola Ostman, and Eija Ventola. The 44 section papers address
	issues of discourse organization in, for example, narratives,
	scientific and academic discourse, and conversation in a variety
	of historical and present-day settings.
	Contents and order form:
Runner, Jeffrey T. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Noun Phrase
 Licensing and Interpretation, Pb. xi + 166 pp. Ph.D.
		dissertation, 1995. $16 + S/H ($3 domestic, $4 foreign
		surface). Graduate Linguistic Student Association (GLSA),
		University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
The central claim of this thesis is that English objects move overtly to a
VP-external Case position: Spec,AGRo. This claim is motivated in part by
constituency tests, asymmetric c-command, and adverb placement considera-
tions; it is further argued that "ECM" subjects and both objects of the
double object construction likewise move to this Case position. PF/LF
"mismatches" are accounted for by the copy and delete strategy for overt
movement, which allows a neat explanation of "lowering" effects. An
interesting conclusion reached is that there is no LF A-movement in English
nor in any language; differences in "overt" and LF movement follow from the
different movement strategies available at these levels.
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