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Tue Nov 14 1995

Qs: Algonquian Morph.,E-mail Communication,Lang.Testing

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  1. , Shawnee/Algonquian Morphology
  2. Helmut Gruber, E-mail Communication
  3. Candace Revilla, INS Language Testing

Message 1: Shawnee/Algonquian Morphology

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 13:26:02 Shawnee/Algonquian Morphology
Subject: Shawnee/Algonquian Morphology

Dear Fellow Algonquianists:
	For several years I have been working on and off
with a native speaker of Shawnee to prepare certain Shawnee
texts for publication. I have 301 sentences, morpheme by
morpheme glosses, and a free English translation.
	I have done a fair amount of comparative work
(particularly in Fox and Plains Cree) in trying to
unravel Shawnee morphology. I am at the point where I
would like to share some of my ideas with other linguists
working in Shawnee or one of the other Algonquian languages
on some remaining problems.
	Rather than posting a lengthy message for wide
distribution, I would prefer that those of you who
are working in the Algonquian languages (and who
have an interest in this message) contact me
directly via e-mail.

Kenneth Andrews
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Message 2: E-mail Communication

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 15:48:37 E-mail Communication
From: Helmut Gruber <>
Subject: E-mail Communication

Dear Linguist-Subscribers,
In a seminar I am conducting a little research project on e-mail
communication with my students. We are mainly interested in two
questions: (1) text- and discourse structure of e-mail messages and
e-mail communication and (2) the impact and significance of e-mail
hotlines on the everyday scientific practices of scholars. Concerning
the latter we formulated some questions which we would like to ask
you. Please mail your responses directly to me and feel free to
add any comments. Of course all answers will be treated confidentially
(I hope nobody considers this a misuse of this forum and I apologize
in advance to anybody who feels bothered by this posting):

1. How many hotlines/ discussion lists do you subscribe to?

2. Do you regularly follow the discussions on these hotlines?

3. Do you actively participate in hotline discussions?

4. What are the main purposes of hotlines/ discussions lists in your

5. Were there e-mail discussions which directly influenced your own
scientific work (e.g. by
stimulating you to deal with a certain topic, or by giving you new
ideas on a problem etc.)?

6. What are the main advantages/ disadvantages of hotlines/
discussion lists?

7. Do you think that e-mail discussions may replace some
"traditional" form of scholarly discourse?

Dept. of Linguistics
University of Vienna
Berggasse 11
A-1090 Vienna
Austria, Europe
tel.: +43/1/310 38 86/38
fax.: +43/1/310 38 86/23
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Message 3: INS Language Testing

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 14:02:00 INS Language Testing
From: Candace Revilla <>
Subject: INS Language Testing

I am doing research on the English language requirement for U.S.
citizenship. I would like to place the INS procedure for language
assesment within the framework of communicative language testing. If you
know of any work that specifically address this, I would very much like
to hear about it. Thanks.
Candace Revilla
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